Sector wise Business Administration degree makes BBA colleges in Kolkata under WBUT create a good future of Management Jobs in India

Management is undoubtedly one of the most demanding professions for students from all kinds of academic backgrounds. This is the very field where Science, Arts, Commerce, Social Sciences, Technology all mix to create the vast knowledge reservoir of Management Sciences. Business administration is one of the major branches of Management which focuses on the understanding of the principles of administration of an organization and its varied resources like men, materials, machines, methods and markets. Regarding the growth and future of Management jobs in India, the situation may seem confusing from varied reports. On the one hand, the closure of various Business schools in major cities of India represents a sharp decline in the people’s interest in this field of mixed education. On the other hand reports also indicate the fact that sector based Business administration degrees are in high demand for all sorts of professionals and students. BBA Kolkata curriculum focuses on the fact that the management syllabi is designed in such a order where there is a perfect mixture of both traditional Management subjects as well as industry specific subjects. The subjects in this regard deal with the functional areas like Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality, Media, Agriculture, Hospital, Real estate, Engineering and Technology, Manufacturing, production and industry and the list is just endless.

What lies ahead in the future of Indian Management Jobs and their growth?

According to the jobs and salary trend reports of Business Administration online portals, the MBA degree is gradually moving far away from conventional areas like Finance, Marketing, Operations and Human Resource management. This is because the Business Administration stylistics of today is not only controlled by these traditional areas but also encompass many other things. Today the demand of MBA candidates by the organizations is mainly in the fields of Management consulting, Professional service management, Information technology/ Computer service management and Micro Finance. Recruiters also look for MBA candidates having expertise and specialization in Strategic management, Project management, Entrepreneurship and Resource studies, Engineering and Technology management, Business and Knowledge process outsourcing , Financial Engineering, Microfinance and what not. Qualitative and Quantitative skills are both required for future Indian management jobs. BBA colleges in Kolkata under WBUT have the infrastructure of providing industry specific business administration curriculum which benefits the students both in their studies and their career.  Innovative management education thinking is changing the nature and scope of management jobs in India in future. The future of managerial jobs in India will be such that human skills as well as technical skills will play a great role in the career development. International MBA degree is already on a great swing currently and it will increase in a massive level in the days to come. Regarding salary the core sectors of Business administration will face a great drop in salary while the specific sector based MBA degrees will definitely have high salary. The internships will also play a big role in shaping the future of management jobs in India. Finally industry centric curriculum based on case studies and simulation workshops will be the order of the day for future Management education to make the study part equivalent to the job culture.

Finally the management jobs which are having good growth in future in terms of salary and profile development will include the following

  • Legal and legislation management
  • Media, Entertainment and mass communication management
  • Journalism and info/news dissemination management
  • Sports administration
  • Management of the health care industry
  • Public enterprise management
  • Technology firm management
  • Knowledge management
  • Talent and innovation management
  • Change management
  • Disaster management
  • Event and celebrity management
  • Print and Digital content management cum marketing
  • Business analytics
  • Digital Marketing and search engine optimization
  • Engineering and technology management
  • Business reengineering and total quality management


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