Effective management educations teaches students hard leadership skills

Leadership is the soul guiding force of any entrepreneurial and development activity especially in the field of organization development and managerial dynamics. Leadership is a vital part of successful management practice in all kinds of organizations. There is a big difference amidst the concepts of leadership and Management. Management is doing things in the correct whereas leadership is actually executing the tasks in the right way. This means that leadership is the direct application of Management theory. Leadership is the social process through which the others are allowed to be involved. It is also a process of creating a social influence which maximizes the efforts of others towards achievement of a certain target. Most of the organizations in the world fail due to the fact they are not able to transform with their business and economic environment.

BBA colleges in Kolkata teaches the crucial subject of organizational behavior which inculcates the principles of Hard Leadership in students. Great leaders do two things at a time. On the one hand they lead as well as shepherd the pack.  Engagement and ownership are two attributes which are developed through strategic leadership activities. Engagement is needed to build teams which ultimate decide the fate of an organization. Leadership is one of those rare qualities which is not present in human beings from the time of his birth. The birth of the attitude of leadership comes from the concept of ownership. Engagement of workforce and the management at all levels of the organization helps to foster leadership in the architectural framework of the enterprise.

Engaging employees through hard leadership skills   

Employee engagement is one of the important attributes which is the portal of creating a perfect leadership environment in an organization. Employee engagement can be improved in all kinds of organizations through the following initiatives-

  • Improving the induction program
  • Creation of social space
  • Facility of adequate rest areas
  • Arrangement of varied kind of learning and recreational activities for the mental boost and the professional growth of the employees through conducting professional events, workshops, seminars and leisure activities
  • Appreciating the role of the personnel in the organization
  • Making the workforce love their work and not just dictating them what to do and what not
  • Creating a friendly environment of mutual cooperation between the employees of the varied departments of an organization like Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, Operations, Information system, Research and Development and many more

Leadership acts as the potent tool in deciding the best course of action and what steps need to be done to reach the organizational targets. According to the famous Management thinker- Drucker, leadership gain strength and success when the leader thinks of the issues like things which make a difference and what are the things right for him. Doing the right things means effective leadership and it is nothing more than establishing the mission of the company.  It is the job of a leader to set clear goal for the organization and defining the standards which need to be maintained while achieving the goals. A Hard leader also compromises but he does this after deciding about the right and the desirable. Effective leaders do things right because they consistently analyze their choices and decide on what is important and needs quick and immediate attention.  This helps the leader in identifying their strengths and recognizing their weakness. Many times a leader is good in the execution part but they are often very poor at picking the important things. Doing things absolutely right is equivalent to hard leadership which comes through a curious mixture of both common sense and human management skills.

BBA courses in Kolkata is the ideal platform to learn the techniques of hard leadership and deal with complex problems of decision making, planning, control, coordination, supervision, execution and other areas of Management sciences.



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