Top BSc. colleges in Kolkata gives Media Science students careers in different facets of life

A career in Media Science takes a student to several directions and different facets of life. Unlike other conventional areas such as Science, Arts, Commerce and Accountancy, Law, Engineering and Medicine, Media is a field of curious mixture. An individual needs both creative and technical acumen to shine in this field. Media Science has shifted from its core nature of being an applied art to a major social science which has active support from both Management and Technology. Top B.Sc. colleges in Kolkata gives wide exposure to students in the areas of-

  • Marketing Communication
  • Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Advertising and Sales promotion
  • Print, Electronic and Cyber Media Management
  • Film, Television and Radio studies’
  • Film studies and its impact on socio economic issues
  • Graphic designing, Multimedia and Animation
  • Media laws and ethics
  • Computer applications in Media world
  • Management concepts and its applications in Media Business

What are the benefits of studying Media Science and whether the things taught in the curriculum fulfill the purpose?

If we carefully look at the standard curriculum of any Media Science course, we can divide the entire curriculum into the creative part and the technical part. Extensive practical  sessions in Print Media, Electronic Media, Photography, Film Making, New Media helps a student to grasp good amount of jobs in the rapidly growing Media, Info tech and Entertainment industry.  Top BSc. colleges in Kolkata lays the foundation of a curriculum where a student of Media Science gets wide variety of job options in the vast creative and technical industry. Exclusive specializations are provided to students of Media Science are provided for giving them in depth about some advanced areas of Media, Journalism and Mass Communications. The areas in this regard include-

  • Print and video production
  • Advertising and Publicity, Corporate Merchandising and Public Relations
  • Photography and Photo Journalism
  • Animation and New Media
  • Media Research
  • Personality Development and Interview
  • Film Making

All the above mentioned areas gives the Media student wide exposure to all the happening areas of Media and Communication industry. This helps the Media students to understand what actually happens in the real world. Apart from all these fascinating and challenging areas, expertise is also developed in writing and higher order thinking skills. These skills are developed through Writing and opinion pieces, Media writing, editing and execution, Comparative Media studies and the list is endless. The origin and historiography of Media Sciences is also studied during the curriculum where the student of Mass Media and Communication learns about the detailed history of different Media platforms like Newspapers, Periodicals, Television, Radio and Cyber Media. From an offbeat angle, the students of Media Sciences and Mass Communication even get the chance of learning Environment and Ecology. This helps the student of Media science develop the sense of environment and make a career in environmental journalism and creative writing.

The subjects taught in the entire curriculum of Media Science helps a student to get a strong command over the theoretical and practical aspects of Communication useful for both personal and professional services.


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