Media College Kolkata creates a practical curriculum of studying communication for creating Media barons like J Gopikrishnan

Media Science is a field which requires expertise in both creativity and technicality. The science and art of communication also requires a sense of the issues which are affecting the socio economic infrastructure of the country and the world also. Mass media institutes in Kolkata focus on creating students who are well versed in all the departments of Journalism and Mass Communication. The life of iconic Media barons like J. Gopikrishnan is truly an inspiration for all the students of Media. Mr.Krishnan is a famous Indian journalist who worked exclusively on 2G scam and uncovered the secrets behind it. He was even awarded with the Ramnath Goenka Journalist of the year award in print in 2012. His initial report on the 2G scam appeared in the premier English newspaper- The Pioneer. He exposed the hidden list of the companies floated by the relatives of the then telecom minister of the Union Government. He has continuously written report series on various aspects of 2G scam and Aircel Maxis scam. Gopikrishnan also bagged several prestigious awards from CNN-IBN and Rajasthan Patrika. He even presented a paper on telecom scandal of India in International journalists conference. J. Gopikrishnan was involved in several anti corruption movements in India from late 2010 when 2G scam hit the headlines of the nation.  He was even an active member of the Action committee against Corruption in India.

What can a student of Media learn from the life of Mr. Gopikrishnan?

Apart from creative and technical skills, a student of Media needs strong willpower and mental confidence to dominate the world of Media. The life of Mr.Gopikrishnan is a true example of courage where he exposed various facets of corruption of the governing bodies. Media College Kolkata helps to bring out the confidence amidst the students to bring out the truth lying behind the varied strata of the society. Gopikrishnan had also participated in several seminars in India and abroad. He has made speeches mainly on the issues of Media Ethics and Corporatization of Media. He is also a regular speaker on varied issues of Media and its influence on society in several premier Media institutes in Kolkata. If we look at the journalistic career of this personality, Mr. Gopalkrishnan did his post graduation course in Public Administration but peculiarly started his career as Sub Broker in Stock Exchanges in Kerala and then switched over to the Media field. He was even a stringer of Doordarshans Thiruvanthapuram Station. He moved in all fields of Media and Journalism and was television producer of several documentaries in Doordarshan and Asianet television channels. He did his advanced studies in the field of Journalism through post graduate diploma in Journalism from the Institute of Journalism. He achieved the degree from the press club at Thiruvanthapuram. He even got the  opportunity of working with several Media organizations in Kerala and shifted to Delhi to join in the iconic newspaper – The Pioneer. He also wrote columns in several news organization in Malayalam language.

The students of Media and Journalism can learn many things from the life of the iconic personality Mr. Gopikrishnan and apply in their professional life to overcome all kind of social and personal obligations.


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