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Life is an unending journey of exploring the varied facets of a quality and sustainable livelihood.  The story of Rakesh Khurana is an inspiring example for any individual who wants to excel in corporate and academic world. Top BBA colleges in Kolkata under WBUT focus on making the students learn the inspirational stories like of Mr. Khurana to excel in the working and professional life. The identity of Mr. Khurana is well known as an Indian – American educator. He is a famous professor of sociology in Harvards faculty of arts and sciences. He is even the professor of leadership development at Harvard business school. He has also been associated with Cabot house and Harvard college as co faculty dean and dean respectively. All these positions have been successfully handled by him with full confidence and experience.

Extraordinary journey of a persona in international management platform

Khurana was born in India but he was raised at Queens, New York.  He did his bachelor’s degree in one of the major fields of human resource management. The area was industrial relations and it was done from Cornell University. He also did masters of arts in sociology from Harvard University in 1998.  His Ph.d was in one of the challenging areas of both management dynamics and personnel management which is organizational behavior. This is one of the key areas which creates the fate of an organization both internally and externally in the business environment.  If we carefully look at the career of Mr. Khurana, we can see that he has gone to the highest extent in both academic and professional world. Khurana is a founding team member of Cambridge technology partners from 1998 to 2000 and even the got the opportunity of teaching at MIT. Inspirational people like him always guide the buzzing management professionals of the future. B schools in Kolkata goes beyond conventional ways of teaching management and focus on real life skills. Khurana has authored the book searching for a corporate savior- The irrational quest for charismatic CEOs. He even contributed articles on academic and managerial perspectives of  pitfalls in charismatic leadership.  His book from Higher aims to Hired Hands even won the Max Weber prize from American sociological organization.  He has also won the award for writing successful professional books on Business, finance and management.  Harvard business school publication of handbook of leadership theory and practice is also being co edited by him.  This book is being by the famous sage publication.  The biggest moment in his life came when he reached the apex of the managerial academics career by being the Dean of the Harvard College.  This fantastic journey of a man who loved the varied facets of managing life, success and organizations turned him into a management scholar and researcher.

The attributes which has made him what he is today is truly a matter of inspiration for anyone who wants to make a mark in the professional world. Whatever may be the profile of an individual in the organizational world in terms of his nature of work, he can learn the art of successfully doing it through the lessons of management stalwarts like Mr. Rakesh Khurana.


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