Entrepreneurship as the real spirit of Business Administration education

Education is the portal through which the character of a human being is being build. The target of any form of education is to ensure the fact that it delivers the right kind of skills for the labor market and fosters the spirit of entrepreneurship. Delivering support to young people for securing their economic future and enabling business to grow for creating new jobs is also one of the main targets of all sorts of education. The question in this regard is that whether entrepreneurship can be learned and why is it so crucial in the entire educational framework. This entire issue can be looked upon from three distinct angles. One from the angle of labor market, Benefit for school management and Benefit for learners. The ultimate aim of any kind of education is to gain knowledge and wisdom. This knowledge and wisdom is in turn used to make a good career by securing a stable job.  For succeeding in any kind of technical, creative or administrative career, you need the support of right theoretical and practical training. For example a chartered or cost and management accountant will not be able to complete a tax return of cost and management accounting statement without being shown which boxes are to be filled. In a similar manner, a manager or business administrator will not be able to relate to his working team without having knowledge of work practices. After considering all these situations, the question which comes naturally in the mind is that why then becoming an entrepreneur be any different? BBA colleges in Kolkata infuse the spirit of entrepreneurship amidst the students through case study based learning methods.

Importance of Entrepreneurship in the Management curriculum

Entrepreneurship, leadership and development are the attributes which makes an individual and the entire society gain the true spirit of life.  Everybody in this living planet is born with a natural aptitude for a subject or discipline.  Any skill inherent in a person has the ability to be improved if there is a serious willingness to learn. Therefore it is important for all kinds of learning platforms to create budding entrepreneurs with the knowledge of developing their own work premise. This learning includes knowledge about core areas of Commerce, Business and Management. Entrepreneurship teaches principles of managing, organizing, coordination, control and execution of resources which is helps an individual gain effective communication, adaptability and maintaining confidence. The advantages of teaching skills of traditional subjects are not relevant to an entrepreneurial career path. A person can be an entrepreneur in any field and the skills needed for starting one’s own business is desirable in terms of being an employee.  Proof of Business relevant skills makes a candidate attractive in most fields of working.  The skills taught in entrepreneurship courses are applicable to all sorts of industries and open multiples outlets and career prospects.  Skills associated with entrepreneurship are relevant and beneficial for day to day life. The skills in this regard include-

  • Money management
  • Financial literacy
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Entrepreneurial innovation
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • New enterprise development
  • Soft skills and personality development
  • Leadership skills

Teaching subjects applicable to real life makes education interesting and makes the will to learn more in the long run. The personal benefits of entrepreneurial education are also immense and lead to a prosperous livelihood. BBA course in Kolkata is the ideal platform to understand the approach of starting an enterprise and become a successful entrepreneur.


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