Mass media institutes in Kolkata churn out iconic journalists like Devyani Chaubal

Journalism, Mass communication and the over all Media and Communication industry is a platform where an individual can shoe both his creative and technical skills. It is also a potent tool of reforming the society and raising issues which affect the lives of the people and the overall society. Journalism is one of the major pillars on which the entire field of Media Science stands. This is because Journalism is the platform from where a person shows his creativity and responsibility towards society through writings in the forms of columns, articles, features and several other variety of expression. Journalism can be done in several areas according to ones interest in the field. The areas in this regard are numerous and include- Science and Technology, Arts and Humanities, Commerce- Business and Management, Health and Lifestyle, Literature, Business, Education, Fashion, Films and Television and what not. Among all these fields several iconic journalists have proved their merit through their writings which created a deep impact in the entire thought process of the society. Miss Devyani Chaubal is one such big name in the history of Indian Journalism. She achieved great success in the field of  Showbiz journalism. Her life is an inspiration for all those Media students who want to jump into the field of journalistic and specially writing for famous Film Magazines. Gossip and Accusation was the trend she brought through her writings on the Hindi Film Industry or Bollywood and its iconic celebrities. Media College Kolkata try to infuse the spirit of such iconic film writers into the future students so that they can make a big name in the Journalistic writing industry and create an impact in the society.

Inspirational journey of Devyani Chaubal in the field of Showbiz Journalism

Devyani Chaubal was both a regular journalist and columnist. She is famous and best known for her fortnightly column Frankly Speaking in a very popular film magazine of Bollywood named Star and Style. She wrote through 1960s and 1970s and she even wrote for Eves Weekly. One of the milestones in her journalistic career was the fact that she was the first Indian Film journalist who referred the towering Rajesh Khanna of late 60s as a superstar  in her Star and Style column. Chaubal was famous as a film gossip journalist  and she was the first individual in the world of Indian Film Journalism who had a poison pen and had insinuated a lot through her columns. Until her arrival in the world of Indian film journalism, the film writing community was free of accusation and gossip. She had a lot of credibility which she showed through her writing and her every gossip had proper research and reliable sources.  She was the first writer who used Hinglish that is a mixture of Hindi and English in her English writings . Some examples in this regard are badan which means bodies and kachra which means garbage. She was so paasionate about writing that she continued her writings till the end of her life. Great authors like Shobha Dey even follow her hinglish style in her  novels.

Mass media institutes in Kolkata through their curriculum on various facets of this industry try to teach the students the inspirational life of such Media personalities like Devyani Chaubal. A case study of such personalities helps the Media student to understand the components of shining bright in the Media and Communication Industry.


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