Eligibility criteria for joining a BBA program in a reputed Management institute

Business Administration and Management studies occupy a special position in the entire knowledge architecture. This is because the area attracts maximum number of students who come from diverse disciplines. The subject is also extremely professional and creates a lot of job opportunities in both manufacturing and service sectors. Management combines the various areas of social sciences, technology, commerce and even humanities to make the subject industry relevant. BBA colleges in Kolkata have certain eligibility criteria through which the Management aspirants can get the chance of studying in quality Business schools. The minimum eligibility for joining a BBA institute is passing senior secondary level from a recognized educational board with minimum score of 50 percent. The course is divided into certain semesters and come in variant modes likes BBM, BMS and BBS. The course can also be pursued through correspondence or distance learning modes which require the same eligibility. The admission is based on entrance tests carried out by different colleges and universities. The various entrance tests conducted by universities for admission into BBA program includes-

  • NMAT
  • SET

What are the criteria required for joining a BBA institute?

The criteria for joining a BBA institute require academic acumen and a dynamic personality. The attributes which are necessary for an individual to get an entry ticket to a Business school includes-

  • Basic knowledge about the Business and Organizational management world
  • Competitive spirit to face the challenges of the competitive corporate world
  • Ability to mix up with people and  understand their affirmative and negative sides
  • Inquisitiveness and determination to execute a task or work through exploring the information and challenges prevalent in the socio economic environment
  • Great skills in group discussion and ability to face the challenges faced in personal interviews
  • Confident body language to face any kind of adverse professional or private situation
  • Basic expertise in communicational techniques, quantitative skills and good sense of logical reasoning
  • Ability to study multidisciplinary and industry centric curriculum through sheer concentration and dedication
  • Familiarity with current events happening in local and global scenario
  • Having a feeling towards the integrity of his socio economic structure and the professional working environment
  • No specific age bar except in certain Management institutes where general age bar is minimum of 17 years and maximum of 22 years to do a BBA course
  • No criminal or records of offence in the name of the candidate
  • English should be one of the core subjects of the Higher secondary curriculum
  • Proficiency in extracurricular activities like debate, sports events, quiz, elocution, entrepreneurial, social welfare and developmental activities etc.
  • Leadership, Decision making , project handling and multitasking skills
  • Basic knowledge about computers, technology and digital media environment

Best BBA colleges in Kolkata through their extensive and rigorous screening methods selects the best candidates for their respective educational institutes. What matters most for gaining the eligibility criteria for a BBA institute is sharp common sense and social mixing skills. The ability to use both academic knowledge and experiences of life in practical situations of a working environment is undoubtedly the primary trait to get into a premier BBA institute.


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