Avenues of earning while doing BSc. in Media Science

Media Science is a vast field of communication through print, electronic and other mediums of information exchange and transmission. Students come from diverse fields of Science, Arts/ Humanities and Commerce to make their career in the Journalism, Mass communication and the greater Media world. The curriculum in this regard is designed in such a manner which gives the students practical exposure as well as avenues while pursuing the course in the graduate level. Most of the candidates enter the communication industry because of their passion towards using platforms of communications to make a mark in the society. BSc.Kolkata provides a great opportunity to find various professions in the communication industry for starting earning while pursuing the course. Today the scenario of education is such that the students need job while pursuing their studies. Media Studies is a field which gives the maximum exposure to students with respect to providing a plethora of job opportunities. In the initial stage of the course, the students are given an overview of all the streams of the communication industry.  The foundation in this regard is build on certain fundamental principles such as-

  • Models of communication
  • Laws governing the Media
  • Ethical practices in the Media industry

The theoretical principles taught in the above three fields are the cannons on which the entire Media Science subject stands. Industry exposure is also given in these three fields through field visits and internships. In the final semesters, the students have even the position of selecting their area of specialization from a wide range of choices. The specializations offered to a student of Media Science gives them wide job opportunities in the fields of Print Media, Video and Television, Advertising and Public relations, Radio, Design, Animation, Page make up and Photography.

How can a Media Science student earn while learning the program?

A Media Science student can earn from various fields of communication industry while undergoing an undergraduate program in this field. He has both career options in the creative and the technical fields. From the creative end, he can choose creative writing, marketing and advertising driven copy writing, journalistic writing and even online content writing as his source of earning. From the technical angle he can venture into the field of Animation, Multimedia and Web designing.  The major areas from where a student pursuing graduation in Media Science includes all forms of print and electronic media. The main outlets in this regard are-

  • Market research, Advertisement and sales promotion firms
  • Public relation firms in public and private sector
  • Media Management companies
  • Publishing house of Books and other sort of bookish material
  • Production and Broadcasting companies
  • Info tech enabled service organization
  • Corporate organization having mass communication and Journalism departments
  • Newspaper and periodical houses
  • Radio, television
  • Animation and Multimedia
  • Business process and knowledge process outsourcing
  • Corporate communication and Business development
  • Free lance content, copy, technical and academic writing
  • SEO driven content writing

From the administrative and managerial angle he can venture in to the fields of Media Management, Public Relations and other official jobs in Print and Electronic Media. Best BSc. colleges in Kolkata focus on making the students get the source of earning while pursuing their studies in this interesting field. The jobs in this regard can be done in either part time or freelance mode by the student while parallel continuing the study in the same field.


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