BSc. in Media Sciences with free specializations builds a dream career

Media sciences have evolved as one of the dynamic and vibrant disciplines in the social science arena. Along with Business Administration, information technology and Biotechnology this field has grabbed the attention of the youth generation of today. BSc. colleges in Kolkata cater quality Media Science curriculum which helps students to make a mark in the glamorous and challenging world of Journalism and Mass communication. The field also opens career avenues in the world of advertising, public relations, creative writing, media management, print and electronic journalism, films, television, and radio and even in the world of digital media and information technology. Media studies as a discipline is a very interesting subject in sense that it has the potential to address problems and find out solutions to all issues regarding society and economy. This is undoubtedly a very vast field of study which deals with the content, history and effects of various media platforms specially the mass media. Media studies as a discipline of study is also termed as sciences because of its amalgamation with technology and its practical body of specialized knowledge. Media sciences draw its extensive body of theory from social sciences and humanities. The core disciplines in this regard are also studied as separate disciplines which have their own huge stature in the academic world. The fields in this regard are-

  • Mass communication
  • Journalism
  • Advertising
  • Media Management
  • Current history and critical affairs
  • Public relations
  • Print and electronic media
  • Radio, Film and Television studies including broadcasting and production
  • Cross cultural studies
  • Press, Telecommunication and Media laws- ethics
  • Communication studies including science of information transmission, distribution and exchange
  • Photography
  • Graphic and web designing


How to do  BSc. free specializations in Media sciences benefit students to get success in the Journalism and Mass Communication industry?

The BSc. free specializations in Media Sciences help the students to get a concrete grip in the Media domain through the following ways-

  • Inducing the spirit of world of communication through well designed orientation modules
  • Overview and analysis of all the streams in the communication industry
  • Foundation building through specialized modules which create the aptitude of the students according to the respective working styles of the media platforms
  • Reinforcing the theoretical inputs with industry exposure through field visits and internships
  • Specializations according to the demands in the industry in areas like publishing, content management and development, creative and media centric writing, print media, video and television media, advertising, copy writing, sales promotion and public relations, radio media, graphic and web designing, animation, page make up, photography, digital film making and the list is just endless
  • Comprehensive exposure to the mission, vision and strategy of the media house and understanding the fine balance between their commercial and social angle

BSc. Kolkata is the best platform to get a chance to study several interesting and glamorous free specializations of Media sciences. This undoubtedly helps the student community to be an effective media person who can be instrumental in the development of the society , nation and the overall world.


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