Business Journalist and Authors like Sucheta Dalal are created by quality Media institutes

Media is undoubtedly one of the happening areas in terms of career after Information Technology. This is because the area deals with creating a fine balance of creative, communication and technical skills to be a part of the ever increasing information and communication industry. The life history of iconic people in the World of Media, Journalism and Mass communication helps  Journalism colleges in Kolkata to generate sound professionals. The life history and journey of Ms. Sucheta Dalal is truly and inspiring story for any Media and Journalism- Mass communication student. Sucheta Dalal is an icon in the world of Business Journalism and also as an author. She is an award winning author and also been conferred the prestigious Padma Shri award for her 25 years of solid contribution in the field of Journalism and Mass media. She has also been the Financial editor of the Times of India until 1998. She was also the consulting editor of the Indian express group and wrote columns for both Indian express and Financial express until 2008. In the year 2006, she began to contribute her writings for Money life  which is a forthnightly  magazine on a very crucial area of Financial planning that is Investment.  She is currently the Managing editor of the Money Life magazine. In 2010, she responded to a great social cause and with her husband established Money Life foundation which is based in Mumbai. She has also been the member of the Investor education and protection fund of the Ministry of corporate affairs for six years.

The inspirational journey of Sucheta Dalal

A Media student always tries to flourish in the vast communication industry as a creative writer and skill full journalist. They even try to learn the technical aspects of the communication platforms to exchange and distribute news, information, views and issues in a comprehensive and precise manner. In this regard he searches for a role model who has made it big in the world of  Creative writing ,Functional Journalism or any other area of Mass communication. The life and the phenomenal achievements of Sucheta Dalal make them understand the skills required to make it successful in the world of any form of communication platform. It can be writing, Television , Films, Internet, Publishing houses  News Media- newspapers and periodicals/ magazines or any other major  communication channels. If we look at her career we can understand that she had mixed background of education and this helped him to be a dynamic  journalist and skillful writer of immense depth. Mass Communication and Journalism in Kolkata platform trains its students in such a manner that they become stalwarts like Sucheta Dalal in future. She did her graduation in statistics and then she moved on to earn a graduate and postgraduate degree in law . She worked as an investigative journalist in several prominent cases for big Newspaper houses like Times of India and Indian Express. She even coauthored a book with her husband Debasish Basu titled  The Scam- Who won, Who lost, Who got away.

Media students of today can learn a lot from the life of Dalal to become a socially responsible Media person who thinks for society to make it come out of its vices. She even is a big lesson of students of Media for contributing her efforts and experience for the betterment of the society.


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Professional writer, compiler and translator for major English publishing houses in management, commerce, humanities, social sciences, technology, general sciences and miscellaneous subjects. Faculty, content writer and developer of major tutorial homes and info tech enabled platforms in technology, management, commerce, social sciences, humanities, general sciences and professional studies. Chandigarh kala Kendra classical music-vocal degree holder. Stood first in professional English communication and writing from British Institute. Occasional singer and performer of modern and film songs in Bengali and Hindi. All India youth mock parliament and Ramcharitmanas recitation winner. Alumni of Bhavans institute of management science and contributor in publications of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan society.

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