Ensure high paying jobs with specialization in Multimedia and Visual communication in Media Science domain

The field of Multimedia and Visual communication is today seen in equal to engineering, medical science, chartered accountancy and business management areas.  This field is visualized as a serious subject by the critical academicians. The Media students specializing in Multimedia and visual communication are in demand through all sorts of industries.  The real skill of this field lies in the fact that they are expected to be well informed about the contemporary affairs and also a critical understanding of the media and mass communication. A portfolio of such kind attracts the industry more in terms of their public relations, marketing communication, printing and publishing, advertising, info tech enabled writing and other related areas. This reason makes this field highly paying for a Media Science student. Awareness about the world of electronic and internet media also gives this specialization a matter of great attraction for industries operating in electronic and cyber media.  Hand on experience and training in this area is also in great demand by the recruiters. Mass communication courses in Kolkata also helps a candidate to acquire in depth knowledge of various facets of media sciences including the glamorous and competitive area of multimedia and visual communication. Specialization in visual communication and multimedia is a challenging area of work which fetches high salary for the Media students. This particular specialization offers a Media student with a skill to be a part of the future digital media industry.

Career prospect for students specializing in Multimedia and Visual communication

Media science students specializing in Multimedia and Visual communication have a variety of options open to them in terms of their entry to the business and media world. The media science students specializing in Multimedia and visual communication can even pursue a career in theatre, multimedia and even in performing arts like films and new age media. The advertising and the marketing industry also extensively uses these students for challenging job roles. Other suitable career options with this specialization include venturing in the field of broadcasting, producing and presentation. Best mass communication colleges in Kolkata focuses on making the media science students well conversant with all the departments of multimedia and visual communication. Amidst all the specializations in the Media Science domain, the field of multimedia and visual communication leads to a career in the fascinating world of web and multimedia design, graphic designing and even advertising. The potential employers in this regard offer students with high paying jobs and include-

  • Print and online content publishers
  • Advertising and sales promotion firms
  • Educational institution both offering regular and professional curriculum
  • Corporations and designing firms

The potential job titles of students specializing in the domain include-

  • Communication specialist
  • Graphic designer
  • Multimedia director
  • Web designer
  • Multimedia artists and animators

The project job growth is 6 percent in this field between 2014 till 2024. The median annual salary of students specializing in Multimedia and Visual communication is projected to be 46900 US Dollars. The projection of the median annual wage of the multimedia artists concentrated in Animation is 63970US Dollars.Multimedia and Visual communication has a bright future in terms of both profit and goodwill aspects. Today the scenario is such that conventional careers like engineering and medicine are not making the youth so much attractive like the challenging and glamorous field of Media.


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