Media personalities like Barkha Dutt are churned out through quality journalism and mass communication education

Barkha Dutt is undoubtedly one of the big names in the world of Indian Journalism and Media. She has influenced an entire generation of people and specially youth to enter into the challenging world of News analysis, reporting and presentation. The entire journey of Barkha Dutt is truly phenomenal for any one and specially women who want to make a big name in the Media world. Her in depth reporting and analysis of critical news issues shows her command over language and social sciences. The life history of this Iron lady in the world of Indian Media is truly an inspiration for all students who are pursuing or have passed graduation in the vast field of Media Sciences. Journalism colleges in Kolkata is focused on teaching Media studies in such a manner which helps to create more strong  and committed News Journalists like Barkha Dutt.

What makes Barkha Dutt earn a permanent place in the glorious history of Indian Media?

If we carefully study the life history and journey of this great lady , we can realize that she had struggled hard to reach the apex of Indian Journalism which is full of varied chaotic political issues and socio economic impedances.  She was born and brought up in Delhi and worked  hard to climb the career ladder in the field of Journalism.  Barkha Dutt was born on 18th December 1971. Her parents were also coming from distinguished fields.  Her father was Shri P Dutt , an official in Air India and her mother was a well known journalist in the Hindustan Times. The wish and conviction to become a journalist came from her mother.  Her mother taught the creative and strategic skills to exist in the highly competitive world of Journalism and Mass Media.  Barkha Dutt completed her graduation in English literature from St Stephens College and her Masters in Mass communication from Jamia Millia Islamia Mass communication research center in New Delhi.  After completion of her post graduation degree from one of the premier institutes of India, she studied further and obtained a masters degree in Journalism from Columbia University.  Barkha was always determined and passionate about doing something positive for the society. Journalism and Mass Media were the two biggest tools  in her hand through which she could shape the mindset of the society by reporting and analyzing contemporary issues relevant to society and  government. She joined the famous NDTV news media platform as a news reporter and after that what happened was history in the field of Indian Media. She revolutionized the way people see and analyze news. The biggest contribution of this lady in the field of Indian Media was making the common man participate, concerned and involved in the critical issues of the society, economy and the overall nation. Mass communication and Journalism in Kolkata platforms are committed to teach Media students the passion of social reforms through responsible news reporting and analysis.


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