Quality B schools churn out famous management students like Sachin Pilot

Management is one of the ancient arts of human civilization. Every venture in this world requires one or the other elements of management to accomplish the work. As a field of study, we can find its mention in the ancient texts on state, polity and administration of western as well as Indian philosophers. It was perhaps the 16th-century industrial revolution which triggered the spirit of management as a separate discipline of knowledge. Fredrick Taylor enunciated the principles of scientific management and Henry Fayol conceptualized the comprehensive theory of business administration. The amalgamation of both the principles of scientific management and business administration gave birth to modern management principles. The amalgamation of the varied fields of commerce, technology and social science and even mathematics- statistics widened the scope of management as a field. Today it is a specialized science with both technical and cognitive inputs. Successful management professionals carry on the legacy of management applications in all walks of life like governance, warfare, healthcare, defence, education, business and what not. The inspirational journey of Mr Sachin Pilot is also one such story where a successful management student has showed his merit in the governance world and specially political governance of a nation. Top BBA colleges in  Kolkata ensure the fact that a budding management professional is able to learn the art of managing not only business or organization also his own life and career.

Remarkable journey from Management to Politics

Sachin Pilot was born on Saharanpur city of Uttar  Pradesh and he is the son of the famous politician and orator Mr. Rajesh Pilot.  His father was a well known Union minister of India.  His schooling was from Air  Force Bal Bharati school in New Delhi.  Thereafter he completed his bachelor of arts degree from St. Stephens College which is under University of Delhi.  He even did diploma in marketing from the famous IMT Ghaziabad and finally the supreme MBA degree from Wharton school of business which is under the University of Pennysylvania.  After completion of his masters degree he was even employed with British broadcasting corporation and General Motors.  His successful journey in the political world started with 2009 lok sabha elections where he defeated Kiran Maheshwari of Bharatiya Janata Party and won the vital seat of  Ajmer.  On 6th September 2012, he became the first union minister to be commissioned as an officer in the territorial army. He even coauthored a book with sister Sarika Pilot to pay tribute to their illustrious father Rajesh Pilot.  The name of the book is given as Rajesh Pilot- In spirit forever. BBA colleges in Kolkata try to teach their students the art of managing life and applying it in all facets of livelihood.


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