Media Science curriculum helps to triumph the world of Mass Communication

Every subject requires exclusive skills and qualification to master that particular area.  Media science is also no exception to that fact. There is a separate set of skill and qualification requirement for joining the graduation course in Media Science. Mass media courses in Kolkata help the students to identify their right qualification and skills through proper orientation program. Media Science is undoubtedly a field of communication studies where different channels of communications are being used to spread news and information. The skills which are required to make a graduation degree in Media Science justified includes the following-

  • Attention towards current events and also about the world of media
  • Strong public speaking and presentation skills
  • Knowing how to write well and craft convincing arguments
  • Critical thinking about different forms of media
  • Ability to reach different audience with some information or product

Skills needed for earning a Bachelor’s degree in Media Science

There is need for a particular set of skills for doing a graduate degree course in Media Sciences .This set of skills are to be developed by a candidate before joining the course. Development of skills before joining the curriculum comes from the following avenues-

  • Seeking internship at a local television station, radio stations and newspapers even periodicals also
  • Querying the campus offices like student learning center and career center which hire students to help lead marketing initiatives on campus
  • Landing a position as a campus representative for a media company
  • Joining speech and debate teams for gaining experience in executing a satisfactory argument
  • Lending voices to student organizations to reach students and organize social and community service events
  • Tutoring or instruction to develop communication skills
  • Search platforms for academic research
  • Seeking jobs with consulting firms
  • Investigating think tanks and research institutions

Students can come from different streams and academic backgrounds to join a degree course in Media Science. The candidates however are required to have good results in their academic performance and a passion for media and communication field. Language along with aptitude testing is done in certain institutes for taking the right Media science candidate. Apart from all these facts, studying media and communication also requires the ability to face the challenge of keeping the right pace with the latest trends, technologies and debates. Strong background of critical analysis of ways in which media reflects, represents and influences the world is also of equal importance for a Media Science. The skill of analyzing issues from moral, political and historical perspectives is also essential for getting the eligibility of entering the Media Science world. Mass Media institutes in Kolkata focuses on making the students get value of the skills inside them to be a successful Media professional.


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