Media students can learn about huge opportunities in the field from the inspirational journey of Mr. Vinod Dua

It’s amazing how some people make a mark in people’s lives and the world at large by some or the other accomplishment. If you take the example of Vinod Dua, not many people are aware of him but those who know, also know how exemplary he stands in the field of media science. M.Sc. media Kolkata students will indeed learn a lot about the struggles the man underwent to establish himself and gain fame.A singer and a marvellous debater, Vinod had associated himself with theatre in Delhi since the middle of the 80s. He soon became a member of a street theatre group called ‘Theatre Union’.To an extent, his master’s degree in literature that he obtained from the University of Delhi came handy while he pursued his interests like theatre and anchoring. Top BSc. colleges in Kolkata offers practical education to Media student to make them triumph in the Journalism and mass communication industry.

This leading media personality stands an inspirational figure for M.Sc. students who want to pursue their career in media industry, particularly television. In fact, he was the face of Indian TV since 1974. If you remember the Hindi youth program on Doordarshan –‘Yuva Manch’ and then ‘Yuv jan’ for Satellite Instructional television Experiment (SITE) where he anchored in 1975, it will make sense how gradual yet steady was Vinod’s journey towards stardom. In the same year on Amritsar TV, he anchored ‘Jawan Tarang’. The process continued as he anchored a number of youth programs.

What can a student of Media and Journalism learn from the journey of this iconic personality?

What came as a turning point for him was his co-anchoring a program based on election analysis on Doordarshan with Dr. Prannoy Roy. Then came ‘Janvani’ (1985) where ministers were questioned by the common people and that indeed became one of the landmark programs on Indian TV. He later became a chief producer to TV today, an ‘India Today Group’ venture (1987). Vinod’s own calling came in 1988 where he launched his own production company called ‘The Communication Group’ where he anchored several shows on budget analyses, current affairs and documentary films. The period was a very glorious one for him as he anchored several more shows including ‘Parakh’, ‘Chunav Chunauti’, ‘Elecetion Alanlysis’, ‘Kaun Banega Mukhyamantri’, ‘Jan Gan Man ki Baat’ and many more.This noted personality won the esteemed BD Goenka Award as a result of excellence in journalism in 1996 for being the first electronic media journalist. He was also awarded the Padma Shri for Journalism in 2008 and very recently (2016), the D. Litt ‘Honoris causa’ was conferred from ITM University, Gwalior.Vinod Dua attributes his success considerably to his refugee days; the kind of background he got and how it helped him shape his career and thereby attain excellence of the highest level. Despite media school Kolkata not really focusing on his journey, it’s important to note that he will always be a great example for all aspirants in this discipline.Best BSc. colleges in Kolkata prepares the students from a practical point of view so that they can make a mark in the highly competitive Media industry.


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