Practical experience from a Media Science course through reliable mass media courses in Kolkata

Media Science is a field where practical experience is of utmost importance. The knowledge gathered from the varied mass communication platforms helps a student to understand the complete dynamics of the Media Industry. The practical experience can be gained from the top class Mass Media institutes in Kolkata. Industry centric study helps the Media student to gain the following skills which is required in any kind of creative and technical job in the Journalism and Mass Communication Industry. The skills which are gained through practical experience in a Media Science course includes-

  • Research skills
  • Fast and proficient Information Technology skills
  • Willingness to learn
  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving
  • Communication skills
  • Self motivation and management skills
  • Dependability
  • Providing excellent customer services
  • Creativity

The research skills in this regard includes the ability to research and compile information from directories, digests, manuals, library, online portals, archives,  newspapers and magazines etc. Fast and proficient info technology skills mean the ability to operate Word, Access, Internet explorer, E mail, HTML and Visual Basic. Willingness to learn includes acquiring new skills through employment and be part of creative projects. Teamwork involves enjoying working in team environment and also independently.  The problem solving skills involves involvement in complex, low budget projects where there is time constraint. The communication skills include expressing critical opinions through essays and seminars. Regarding self motivation and management the skill acquired is to keep a fine balance between the study and the co curricular activities. Dependability involves handling several sensitive issues.  Excellent customer service involves customer focused employment and finally creativity through writing film scripts and articles, directing and adapting a play or co directing a short film.

Practical experience of Media Science student helps to develop his interest in Mass Communication platforms

Practical experience in the field of Media Science helps a student to create the right tune of interest towards the various platforms of journalism and mass communication. Mass Media courses in Kolkata helps to create the interest among the student about the creativity required in this industry through rigorous training grounded on solid industrial practice. The interests developed in this regard can be summarized as follows-

  • Television- Creating interest of watching drama, sports and documentaries
  • Journalism- Reading a broad range of publications which include newspapers, magazines and even little magazines
  • New Media- Researching and exploring information from the Internet
  • Cinema- Discussing about films and reading critical literature about them
  • Literature- Reading a diverse range of texts which catches attention and is also of social significance
  • Music –listening to different genres of Music
  • Creative writing-Planning and writing a short film or any kind of screenplay

Mass media institutes in Kolkata give a comprehensive training on all the practical aspects of Media science to the students pursuing graduation in this particular field.

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