Role of social media in influencing the Gujrat legislative assembly election 2017

Social media can influence any election event including Gujrat legislative assembly election 2017. This is because there are more and more people informed via the internet and specially the social media. Limited information procurement and filter bubble are the two major issues associated with the role of social media in any election. The way people get information has changed massively in recent times. Social media has created an algorithm where people only communicate with people who share their opinions.  This leads to the creation of a per group which helps in any sort of election and Gujrat election 2017 is no exception in this regard. The party and the candidates contesting this elections along with their respective supporters use the social media effectively to put forth their agenda and plan of action. Many a times the contesting candidates and their parties try to bring out the negatives of their opponents and utilize it to showcase their affirmatives in comparison to those aspects. Social media helps the peer group to make their opinions radicalize. People become less confronted with others opinions and are less encouraged to think about the opinion of others. This makes the broad public platform missing for debates. Encapsulation of communication into individual filter bubble influences the election scenario. Social media marketing has gradually become one of the major tools of political propaganda during the elections in state or centre of a particular country.

What influence social media creates in the Gujrat state assembly election?

When a candidate contesting state assembly election wins the power battle,  people try to find out the techniques of his success. The win of BJP over the Indian National Congress and other competing parties can be attributed to the election campaign done by BJP in various digital mediums and social community platforms. Social media marketing in Kolkata analyzed the role of social media in making BJP the ultimate powerful party in the Gujrat Assembly elections of 2017. Various news media publications in print and online format credited the incredible power of the social media platforms in making BJP gain power in the vital state of  Gujrat. Gujrat is gradually moving towards a stage when it is gradually converting itself to become one of the major capitals of commerce, trade and industry of India.The party in power in the state will definitely play a role in setting the business and economic environment of the country. Social media has been intelligently used by the winning party in making the people using the digital media truly aligned with the plans and policies of the BJP. Social media has a definite influence on political decisions as well as on citizens. This is because the traditional media has not been always to spread news and information as fast as the social media and the digital platforms. The discussion can be concluded by saying that it is totally upon the public using social media to get influenced by its information or not. The affirmative reaction of people towards the social community platforms has made social media outlets create a big influence in the Gujrat legislative assembly election of 2017.

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