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The concept of scholarship in the domain of education is constituted to support the deserving students who are economically less privileged. The objective of the scholarship is also to support and reward new students who are constrained to move ahead in their academic career due to economic limitations. There are definitely certain eligibility criteria for offering scholarship to students. Bsc. colleges in Kolkata help the Media Science students to move ahead in their career. The colleges in Kolkata which provide this kind of facilities include big names like St Xaviers, Birla institute, National institute of  film and fine arts, Institute of Mass communication, film and television studies and last but not the least iLEAD institute of Media and Management. The eligibility for scholarship in this regard includes-

  • Annual gross parental/ family income from all sources should be of a maximum  permissible level
  • Approval of the institute governing body committee on individual case to case basis
  • Preference to wards of Single parents
  • Individual applicants should submit their requests for means scholarship in the prescribed format along with documents
  • Students having single parents have to provide relevant supporting documents
  • Parents ITR copy of last 2 years as proof of income

Scholarship dynamics for students enrolled in BSc. Media Science curriculum

Chairman of the educational bodies specially providing professional knowledge have a scholarship scheme which is constituted under the chairman fund. The fund is devoted to support the deserving economically challenged students. The eligibility in this regard includes-

  • Academic performance
  • No attendance shortfall or disciplinary proceedings against the proposed awardee
  • Preference to wards of Single parents
  • Any deserving student falling under any one of the objectives mentioned above

Merit scholarship is also provided to course toppers annually to students who have secured 1st rank in their particular subject domain. The merit scholarship is subject to certain to conditions which include-

  • Course topper achieves the minimum prescribed standards of achievement
  • Awardees maintains the minimum prescribed aggregate attendance
  • No disciplinary proceedings against the awarded
  • A student will be eligible for award of only one type of scholarship in a given academic year.
  • The scholarship amount is adjusted against the student fees. All scholarship decisions will be at the sole discretion of the scholarship committee only and will be final and binding.

Media science is a highly dynamic field where an individual can venture into both creative and technical careers. This field is also very unique and innovative as it develops the thinking and entrepreneurial ability of an individual. Media studies also sharpen the sense of understanding the dynamics of the human world and its socio economic environment. Many people are gifted and they polish their talent to make it a sharp skill through effective training in Media Studies. Some on the other hand gain the creative acumen through extensive practice in dealing with tools of journalism and mass communication. The meritorious students of both these categories may not always come from rich or solid background. The non affluent sections of students who have extreme talent to raise high in the world of Media get their proper career path through quality educational scholarships provided by the best professional Media institutes. BSc. Kolkata in Media Science is the right platform for underprivileged meritorious students to make their career reach new heights of creative and social excellence.


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