B schools in Kolkata with dynamic fee structure makes management education convenient for all kind of students

There is a general notion in the market that BBA education is very costly and only the affluent people can afford this form of education. The premier b schools often charge too much for offering Business administration education to students. This fact is not fully true and there are several socially responsible management colleges which offer BBA program at affordable rates. BBA colleges in Kolkata with fee structure make management education very easy to obtain for students of all sections of society. The strength of educational infrastructure, experienced faculty members and initiatives of lowering the educational costing makes management colleges of Kolkata appropriate for fruitful education. Students and parents often have a conception in the back of their mind that BBA education is very costly. The cost in this regards ranges from 5 to 10 lakh and even more. This is because of extensive educational infrastructure required for executing an ideal management education environment. The goal of these expensive institutes is not to provide quality education but just run the show of education business and gamble with money.

How course fee structure is designed by best business schools of Kolkata?

There are several BBA colleges in Kolkata with fee structure that are not beyond the limit of the  students coming from common background. The fee structure in this regard of this category of colleges are- 1,1500Rs., 2,50,000Rs.,1,10,400Rs., 92,250Rs., 1,80,000Rs.,  90,000Rs., 1,60,000Rs., 2,80,000Rs. etc. Amidst several BBA colleges,  iLEAD provides management education at affordable rates. The campus of this unique institute is made from recyclable materials. The institute is full of  artifacts which inspire the students to become future business leaders and entrepreneurs. The fee structure of this institute is kept at such a level which helps all kind of students willing to make a mark in the corporate world pursue graduate degree  in organizational management including business administration. The steps in this regard for reducing the fee structure of  BBA course include-

  • Reducing cost of an undergraduate degree in business management
  • Increasing quality and expanding student success
  • Leveraging innovations
  • Using best practices of teaching
  • Taking help of technology to create new models
  • Fostering long term institutional sustainability
  • Encouraging more students to enroll at community colleges
  • Promoting dual degree programs which allows high school students to take college courses
  • Reforming the tenure
  • Offering three years bachelors degree course which are common in a particular continent or national region
  • Outsourcing services such as health centers, building maintenance and recreation centers
  • Reducing administrative staff
  • Cut unnecessary academic programs
  • Eliminating excessive academic research
  • Streamline all the academic programs
  • Promoting collaborative purchase program
  • Making better use of college facilities
  • Increasing teaching loads
  • Encouraging timely completion of degrees
  • Moving more and more classes online
  • Reducing textbook cost
  • Using new teaching methods

Intelligent application of technology and creativity makes professional educational programs like BBA cost friendly for all those who think pursuing management education is an impossible task for them.


Sumon chakrabarti


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