B schools in Kolkata that will take your career at global level.

Business is not limited to your time and place. In other words the entire world is making business transactions 24×7 and trade is happening all across the globe.  One cannot restrict his/her career if global opportunities knock and it is recommended that remembering the passion of contribution towards the industry and nation one must choose a career that has the potential to reach global heights.  This is possible when B Schools offer the most distinctive training and prepare the grounds for the youngsters to take their career to a global level of success.  Therefore it is important to select a B School that can take your career at global level.

There are some B Schools in Kolkata and BBA Colleges in Kolkata with fee structure that is much less compared to the number of facilities they offer.   Every B School in one way or another will have a fee structure and a syllabus that adheres to the academic board or university with which it is affiliated.

Apart from a well structured syllabus, iLEAD offers a degree with training for an extra professional edge. There is a 60-hour training module for soft & life skills with focus on personality development (Compulsory for all students), a foreign language course for students, Field trips, internships, and live projects, Participation in co-curricular and extracurricular activities. A combination of these skills and trainings will push the student forward into a well placed position among his/her competitors.

Taking your career to a global level will also be a practice that you need to start from the first year of your BBA program. Some of the tools to help your portfolio in the process will be – interaction with industry experts, going for industry visits, attending workshops and seminars and managing/administering events. Theory alone cannot help you reached the global level of excellence you desire.

Among various B Schools in Kolkata iLEAD also helps in taking up specializations such as Finance, Marketing and HR.  A keen interest in these fields is assisted and guided by the mentors, your own study and firsthand experiences.  When the time for placements comes after your course depending on your past records the first impression is created among the recruiters. iLEAD guarantees the assistance in that process.

The acumen in academics also plays a vital part with your % and focus on the academic papers itself. Some of the B Schools in Kolkata that will help you develop a strong foundation are Heritage Business School, NSHM Knowledge Campus Kolkata, Pailan College of Management and Technology, iLEAD, J.D Birla Institute and Future Institute of Engineering and Management.  Getting admission to these colleges will help you get a degree and the training required as a pre-requisite but what’s more important is your own action plan and build up of portfolio before you can expect  to reach a success level of getting international opportunities.


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About Samrat:An editor for various publications and a faculty of Media Science at iLEAD, Samrat after a decade of dating and impressing the world of media can often be seen on Sundays at various Kolkata cafes with a guitar, diary and microphone. Literature, jazz music and thunderstorms helps him write poetry, reports and movie scripts which gets him compliments, published articles and awards from various countries at his doorstep when he least expects them. He has a fetish to emcee, teach and sometimes sing on stage and also completed courses in Photography and French (DELF A1) with distinction. Fitness, fashion, education and academics lures him although he can be a glutton for Bengali and Italian food, a talkative movie buff and financial philosopher during weekends.


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