What skill set is needed to make a bright career in the field of Media Journalism?

Headlines and deadlines are the two words which rule the world of Media and Journalism. Writing and communicating news, issues, views and all sorts of information under extreme socio economic pressure is the essence of this job. The culture of this responsible and socially relevant industry reflects the urgency of the Media and the Journalists task. There are certain prominent characteristics required by an individual to make a successful career in the ever-widening cultural domain of Media journalism. Competition, Hectic pace, Stress on the job, Curiosity and aggression, Tough crowd are some of the attributes which make a successful Media Journalist. Apart from all these, an individual needs the endless quest inside him to search truth and find news worthy information which is relevant for the awareness and development of the society. Journalism colleges in Kolkata makes students prepared in such a way so that they are industry ready and can face all kind of challenges.

Skills necessary for a successful career in Media Journalism

The major skills necessary in an individual to make a bright career in the competitive world of Media Journalism include the following points. The individual should not only restrict himself to not only these points but should also broaden his awareness of the socio economic world. The points are-

  • Dedication
  • Initiative
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Patience
  • Curiosity
  • Competitive spirit
  • Flexibility
  • Knowledge of the current events
  • Creativity
  • Ability to research
  • Writing

Writing is a key component for anyone who aspires to make a successful career in Media Journalism. Writing skills should be developed in such a manner so that correct information reaches the target audience. Starting early is key to become a successful journalistic and media centric writer but continuity of experience and practice is also crucial.  More than just writing and communication skills, an individual needs sharp commons sense and creativity to innovate new ideas and thoughts which could mould the image and consciousness of the society. The approach of a successful Media Journalist should be such that he involves his passion and emotion with his work and the environment in which he or she is operating. The character and integrity of a person is also essential to align with the principles and ethics of the Media journalism profession. The person who wishes to make a mark in this highly competitive industry should also have patience as success does not come overnight in this field. Extreme sincerity and dedication towards work, merit to understand the pulse of the society and solving issue for greater good of mass are important to get success as a Media Journalism professional. The additional attributes required in an individual to climb the ladder of success in this competitive and adventurous field includes- hard work, learn from self mistakes, asking more and more questions to explore truth and the attitude to be friendly with technology and gadgets which are essential for online journalism of today. Mass communication and Journalism in Kolkata is the right platform to prepare you as a successful Media and Journalism professional.


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