What are the benefits of specializing in Marketing in a BBA program?

Marketing is undoubtedly the face of any economic or business activity. The entire dynamics of a working enterprise runs on the machinery of merchandizing. There is hardly any business which can survive in the competitive economy without using the tools of sales, promotion, and propaganda. A student who wants to make a bright career in the field of Business Management can get the real flavor of managing organizations and its resources through marketing. Marketing is the portal through which all the other organizational resources like men, money, material, machines, and methods can be procured very easily. Marketing creates the image and business proposition of an organization and a commercial enterprise. Marketing involves both creative and technical sides and it is one of those fields which gives both mental and monetary satisfaction. The field is also very glamorous and the marketing executive gets the chance and exposure to be a part of the enviable materialistic world. The market is flooded with products and a marketing manager has to use his analytical and communication skills to make them reliable in the minds of the consumers. BBA best colleges in Kolkata gives students a thorough idea of the nature and scope of Marketing in the entire domain of Managerial dynamics. This helps them to appreciate the role of marketing in deciding the fate of an organization. Properly done marketing can make an organization while wrongly done marketing can destroy an enterprise.

Why should one pursue Marketing specialization in a BBA curriculum?

There are many reasons to pursue a challenging career in the exciting field of marketing. The biggest cause in this regard is that marketing as an activity has both social and economic implications. From the economic angle, marketing ensures the smooth flow of resources and makes the supply chain and logistics of the products and services always in proper order. This, in turn, boosts up the trade, commerce, and industry thereby enriching the entire business economic infrastructure. From the societal angle, marketing elevates the communication between the different strata of the society and makes them understand their respective demands and queries. Apart from all these, the major reasons for pursuing a BBA in Marketing are-

  • Allows a candidate to develop his communication, leadership and entrepreneurship skills
  • Gives a clear-cut idea of the global trade and commerce scenario which is important for any career
  • A diverse career choice where one can either become a teacher, research scientist or a hard core product or service marketer
  • Marketing offers diverse career option in all kinds of industries as communication and transaction is part of any productive activity
  • Marketing is a very practical field where you can work in real life situations and industry centric situations which require stamina and challenge to solve them
  • The earning power of a Marketing man is much more than even technical professionals who are restricted to just one area. The man of marketing can venture into any field of human activity and can make both profit and goodwill out of it

BBA colleges Kolkata create such kind of Management learning environment where students develop the mentality of facing hard world realities and chaotic working challenges. The field of marketing is full of thorns and one has to be extremely strategic and cool-headed to triumph them without any kind of tension or pressure.


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