Is it good for a b school to have international tie ups?

When we talk about business schools, it’s mostly the outcome that follows the education. In other words, what kind of job or the industry a candidate is placed in is exactly how people tend to evaluate the institute from where he or she has been a pass out.

Coming to the question- is it good for a b-school to have international tie-ups? Well, yes. It is! And here’s why.

Management education is one of the most sought-after fields in India or rather we say the world. Globalization is likely to prevail now. Naturally, the popular degrees of BBA and MBA are all aimed at development of global skills. And once these programs are completed, some of the best business leaders and entrepreneurs emerge before the world, thanks to some world class institutes. The USP in studying in such centers of excellence is that they understand that a close relationship between education and tie-ups with large international corporate businesses matter significantly. As a result of tying up with famed universities of the world, students who learn in these B-schools and colleges are much ahead when it comes to fostering communication, collaboration, video conferencing and so on; at least in comparison to their counterparts who unfortunately have not had the opportunity to completing BBA and MBA in good business schools.

Closer home, these international tie-ups are a reality now in the best B-schools in Kolkata. So it’s not uncommon to see a plethora of our own students going abroad and studying there, while the same holds true here for them. Here, in Kolkata, most proper business schools have the kind of infrastructure of the campus, which when blended with quality lessons from experienced faculties provide an inspiring campus to the students, wherein a variety of languages, cultures and opinions combine.

Needless to say management courses indeed cost a fortune for many who rely upon traditional education for the most part. But this can’t be denied either that such international exposure can change the scenario altogether. The diversity of experience and practical understanding help students become much more cooperative, dynamic and ready to accept challenges. In due course of time, these students become world class leaders as they know how to prove themselves productive and also keep the values of their own culture alive. Besides, the top BBA colleges in Kolkata keep a foreign language as a compulsory subject in the course curriculum of business studies. After all, this is a step to promote international understanding that makes the pupils knowledgeable in a language apart from the ones in their own region and country.

By studying under reputed BBA colleges on Kolkata that maintains regular collaborations with institutes abroad, there are two sets of faculty members who do their unique research and offer valuable inputs to every lesson covered. So you can imagine how these bunch of accomplished business leaders, managers and executives are produced. In fact, recent research also indicates how top companies are also recruiting those who have practical skills acquired from tie-ups with foreign universities, instead of mere potential.

So if you wish to stand apart from the rest, remember putting the best of both worlds can actually fetch you long term benefits.

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