How to Get a Good Placement after my BBA Course?

After a BBA course one ought to be on the lookout for good jobs that are paying decently. It might not be something of a high profile but it should add on the experience of a fresher. One does not need to roam around with a resume looking for the right kind of job if they have passed out of a reputed institute. BBA institutes in Kolkata like iLEAD offer the right type of setting and experiences for a student to be recruited by a company.

Some of the popular profiles under which a BBA passout get recruited are Financial Analyst, Human Resources Manager, Marketing Manager, Business Development Manager and Account Executives.  Without a doubt these roles have a clear cut roadmap towards progress.

But anyone just passing out of a BBA course cannot get a good placement only based on qualification. There are many other factors at play too:

Institute: Choosing the correct institute is extremely important for a student who is looking for a career prospect. The right infrastructure, training, course module and credible recognitions of the college are extremely important when one is on the lookout for the perfect BBA School.

Merit: No matter what anyone says academic success and scores matter for the recruiters. The better academic results one has, the more chances of getting recruited he/she gets. But there’s an additional key point to this

Personality and Soft Skills: Do you remember any instance where someone with high merit failed to grab a dream job while someone with a comparatively lower score did? Well the second person had a mix of personality traits and soft skills which helped him/her grab the job. Top BBA colleges in Kolkata like iLEAD has free Soft Skills classes to help BBA students develop personality skills for betterment of their career and life.

Internships: To jump into the water is the best way to learn swimming than reading a hundred books on swimming, similarly Internships and earning while learning is the best way to experience the industry firsthand for a student.

Other Professional Courses:    

Getting a short term professional course degree puts an extra edge to the resume and experience.  Some of the essential and well known short term courses today are Digital Marketing, Aviation Services, Event Management, Real Estate Management, Photography, Personality Development, Digital Filmmaking and Entrepreneurship Program

Specialization: In BBA specializations like Finance, HR and Marketing are important as recruiters lookout for specialists in these areas.

These are some of the key factors for getting a good placement after a BBA course.


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