Industry centric Media science program generates quality Media professionals

Media is a field of activity which requires passion and creativity to excel through communication skills. Mass communication, Journalism and the overall Media science field is a very exciting place to work with a whole lot of challenges. This is also a field which requires dedication towards society and human beings. Media schools around the world and Top B.Sc. colleges in Kolkata offering course in Media and journalism prepare the students to make them effective social changers. There are certain personality traits which are required in an individual to be successful in this field. Sharp common sense and deep understanding of the current affairs helps an individual to create a strong foundation of Journalism and Mass communication. Industry centric practices help a Media Science student to get the grasp of the correct personality required in this profession. Ability to handle technology and create a right balance between creativity and commerciality is essential for getting success in Media industry.


Major personality traits required to become a successful Media person

Every field of activity has its own set of personality and characteristic traits. Absence of any one of the traits leads to failure in that profession. The attributes which shape a great Media personality essentially includes the following

  • Strong communication skills
  • Consistent and burning passion
  • Investigative skills
  • Ability to handle pressure
  • Capability in using all kinds of online and offline media platforms
  • Leadership skills
  • Humanity and concern towards the betterment of the society
  • Relationship building quality
  • Being a good writer and effective speaker
  • Being well informed about the current affairs
  • Being detail oriented in working style
  • Quality of Multitasking
  • Being flexible while working on different socio-political and economic issues
  • Power to face criticism and handle it sportingly
  • Not being a jack of all trades and master of none
  • Keeping the spirit of learning to be better in work practices

All these traits in some way or the other help an individual to become an effective Media person. In spite of all this traits, what matters most in the field of Media is an optimistic temperament that there lies solution to all sorts of problems. A successful Media person should have the ability to analyze issues for their effective solution. The characteristic trait also required in this profession includes bravery to fight the obstacles and atrocities of the society. Creative bent of mind and practical approach towards life helps an individual to get at the core of an issue and find its solution. Practical Media curriculum makes best B.Sc. colleges in Kolkata generate effective Media professionals.


Sumon chakrabarti


Author bio- Professional writer, compiler and translator for major English publishing houses in management, commerce, humanities, social sciences, technology, general sciences and miscellaneous subjects. Faculty, content writer and developer of major tutorial homes and info tech enabled platforms in technology, management, commerce, social sciences, humanities, general sciences and professional studies. Chandigarh kala Kendra classical music-vocal degree holder. Stood first in professional English communication and writing from British Institute. Occasional singer and performer of modern and film songs in Bengali and Hindi. All India youth mock parliament and Ramcharitmanas recitation winner. Alumni of Bhavans institute of management science and contributor in publications of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan society.

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