Plethora of job options through Business administration education

Business Administration is perhaps the most practical aspect of study amidst all other professional courses. This is because managing an organization and its resources is common to all kind of scientific/technical, humanitarian/creative and commercial activities. BBA colleges in Kolkata create the framework for the business management student to understand the dynamics of an organization and its resources. Unlike other areas of professional education, Business administration opens new career horizons for students of all streams of knowledge. The range of specialization are also immense with rapid inclusion of new areas in amalgamation with technology, social sciences, arts/ humanities, commerce/ trade, mathematics- statistics- operations research areas. The job market is quite good in Business administration both in national and global level. The students can use the knowledge of management science attained in business administration education for glorious career in public sector and corporate management. The chance of getting job is much higher in management rather than in many other professional educational platforms.

Job types after completing Business Administration degree

Business Administration jobs give opportunity to students to enter all kind of industries. There are plenty of opportunities for BBA students in all countries of the world. After completion of  BBA , the management graduates can specialize in any of the major areas of Business Management like – Finance, Marketing, Operations research and quantitative decision making, Computer applications in Business Management, Human resources, Production and operation management  etc. The possible areas where a BBA candidate can be employed include all kind of service and manufacturing organizations. Apart from Engineering and Research- Development department of an organization, a BBA candidate can venture into any department of an organization. The areas in this regard include-

  • Advertising and sales promotion agencies
  • Banking , fund and working capital management agencies
  • Finance houses including merchant banking and asset management firms
  • Insurance and risk management concerns
  • Mutual fund, investment and market platforms
  • Career and Management consultancy firms
  • Consumer Durable Companies
  • FMCG organizations and the retail industry
  • Info tech enable service organizations, BPO, KPO, Online merchandising and Ecommerce agencies
  • Technical, Academic and Copy writer for online knowledge sharing platforms and electronic learning agencies

The BBA pass outs can even get jobs in public sector firms for both central and state government agencies. The comprehensive knowledge base of the business administration students even helps them to get jobs though UPSC exams like combined graduate level and PSC exams. The students passing out BBA curriculum can even think of setting up their own entrepreneurial activity through support from the government bodies and corporate association in the form of entrepreneurial or project finance. There is also huge job market for BBA students in some offbeat areas like-

  • Event and performance management
  • Digital marketing and Search engine optimization
  • Real estate and property management
  • Construction and infrastructure management
  • Hospitality management including travel and tourism business administration
  • Medium and small scale enterprise management
  • Product and service marketing for brands and multinational companies
  • Media and Mass communication channel business administration
  • International business management firms
  • Hardware, Networking and Software Marketing in the Info tech industry

Best BBA colleges in Kolkata helps the students of Management in exploring diverse career options and places themselves strongly in the job market.


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