What can a Media student learn about political and social journalism from Mr. Ravish Kumar?

Politics and Society are the two pillars upon which the efficient functioning of human life depends. The people covering the issues of politics and society and putting them in front of the public and the governing bodies are involved in socio- political journalism. The students of  Media and Journalism can learn a lot from the works of Mr. Ravish Kumar  about the approach and scope of  this particular genre of  journalism. Mr. Ravish Kumar is a popular TV anchor,  writer and journalist. His topics cover issues of Indian polity and social architecture. He is also the senior executive editor of the  popular Hindi news channel NDTV India. He hosts a number of popular programs in the  channel which include Prime Time, Hum Log and Ravish ki report. The passion of Mr. Kumar towards writing and journalism is a matter of learning for  all the students aspiring to make a mark in the world of social and political journalism. Mr. Kumar was born in East Champaran of  Bihar. He studied from Loyola high school Patna  and graduated from Deshbandhu college, Delhi. Finally he did his mass communication degree from the prestigious Indian Institute of Mass Communication. Journalism colleges in Kolkata focus on creating quality journalists like Mr. Ravish Kumar who care for the betterment for the society and the political environment surrounding it.


What approach of doing political and social journalism can be learnt from Mr. Ravish Kumar?

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Social and political journalism require a deep understanding of the dynamics and challenges of the political and social architecture. It also requires patience to tackle issues and a humanitarian outlook to work for the deprived and keep a strong control over the affluent strata of the society. The student of Media and Journalism can learn several attributes from this great journalist like-

  • Courage to question issues creating an impact in the socio political architecture
  • Not getting biased by any kind of social and political obligation while reporting an event to the public
  • The ability to develop sharp journalistic skills by creative writing on issues which require reform in the social and political framework
  • Preparing an agenda to combat the vices of the society through interactive and analytical news reporting and debate programs
  • Contributing to the field of journalism through active participation in societal and political which decide the fate of the country and its inhabitants
  • Influencing the public about taking necessary steps to malpractices and challenges inherent in the society and governance system
  • Practicing Journalism and Creative writing in Hindi language and creating an impact like the English language Journalism.

The books written by Mr. Ravish Kumar center on the social realities and are written in Hindi language. He has been also honored with all the prestigious prizes in the world of Indian Media and journalism. His contribution to the field of Mass communication is immense in terms of his concern towards the effective functioning of the social and political system.

BSc. colleges in Kolkata offering programs in Media and Journalism try to inculcate the principles of analyzing and reporting news/information to create icons like Mr. Ravish Kumar.

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