How Journalists triumph the hurdles of the war zones?

Journalism is a field of activity where there is no surety of what is going to happen at the very next moment. A Journalist has to cover varied kind of events where there is constant risk factor. In case of war reporting, a journalist has to cover the happening from the war field itself where a missile or bomb can kill him at any moment. Journalists need to keep themselves safe from all kinds of threats and dangers which might affect their work. From a general point of view, journalists cannot keep themselves fully safe in any kind of war zones. The journalists should always have a mental setup and they should never think that they are either safe or qualified to recognize all kind of potential dangers. Journalism colleges in Kolkata provide the knowledge to the aspiring journalists about the ways to be safe during war reporting.

Ways used by journalists to keep themselves safe while reporting a war

Embedded journalism is a crucial area in the entire war reporting architecture. Embedded journalism involves the activities of those news reporters who are attached to military units involved in armed conflicts. Before embedding with the military units, reporters are required to sign contracts with the military promising them not to report certain sorts of information. These information categories includes news and facts that could compromise unit positions, future missions, classified weapons and other information the enemy side can find. In maximum situations, staff journalists deploy embedded journalists rather than the freelancers. Staff journalists are able to afford hostile environment awareness training .We live in a world where bullets and bombs do not discriminate between a soldier and a reporting journalist. Foreign correspondents even need to maintain a safe distance from the actual war zone while covering a fight occurring in local, national or global level. Embedded journalists rely on the military units they are embedded to provide them protection during the deployments. This is not at all a wise decision. When a war reporter or correspondent accompanies a unit during a particular mission, members of the unit act as escorts and bodyguards the reporter journalist and its cameraman. Embedded correspondents are not fully aware of the key combat indicators and the risks associated with the military deployments. This is the main reason why military units have to take the entire responsibility of the war reporters. Embedded correspondents should also enlist the services of a risk consultant having experience of working in war zones with media crews. The risk analyst and consultant would deploy with the media crew thereby allowing both the soldier and the correspondent to concentrate on their respective targets. A Risk analyst and consultant understand the nature and scope of operations both from the side of a soldier and the reporter. They are able to provide information, service and advice to the media team regarding issues of – safety, communication, logistics, secured transportation, specialized first aid services, protective equipment and weapon familiarization. They also help the correspondent understand the physical and mental dynamics of the soldiers. Mass communication and Journalism in Kolkata platforms help the aspiring journalists to understand the varied safety measure to be a quality war correspondent.


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