Business Management or Business Administration- What you should choose as a career option?

Management is the face of the contemporary applied social science and commerce curriculum. Professional programs in Business can be divided into areas of Business Management and Administration. In the degree level, BBA and BBM are the two popular options of choosing applied Business studies as a career option. Both of these courses offer fascinating job opportunities in different areas of managing Business and Organization. These courses also act as a foundation to acquire advance knowledge about how to control and coordinate resources of an organization or any operational system. The difference between Management and Administration lies in the fact that the former is concerned with the principles of planning and organization any kind of purposeful endeavor. The later is concern with the strategy formulation and policy making of the different departments of a working system. Management with respect to Business implies the areas of planning, control, supervision, execution, coordination, entrepreneurship, project management aspects of an enterprise looking for profit. Administration with respect to Business focus beyond the general management concepts and looks into the business verticals like Finance, Marketing, Personnel , Operations, Systems, logistics and Supply Chain, Research and Development, Purchase and Material management etc. Top colleges for BBA in Kolkata creates clear conception among the students about the difference of BBA and BBM as specialized degrees on different departments of Management.

Which one to be given preference BBA or BBM as a possible career option?

Though BBA and BBM teach more or less the same category of subjects, there still lies a minute difference between them. Students looking for making a career in corporate management have to choose BBA or BBM according to their interest in a particular field of General Management or Business Administration. BBA colleges in Kolkata are committed to make students choose their area of expertise according to their aptitude and abilities. BBA degree should be pursued by those aspirants who want to understand the Business Administration disciplines and work in various departments of functional management of an enterprise. Students having Commerce and Economics background at the higher secondary level can opt for BBA as a possible career option. BBM is a great career option for people having background in social sciences and humanities who want to explore the general principles of Management dynamics. Here the focus is more on cognitive aspects of managing resources and systems rather on administration of commercial enterprises. The students having Science background in the higher secondary stage will get more benefits if they pursue BBM rather than BBA which is inclined towards commercial aspects of Management. The present job conditions in the market economy have created equal scope for BBA and BBM students. BBA is better for students who are interested to pursue MBA and move further in the corporate management ladder. BBM on the other hand is useful for those who want to pursue higher studies, teaching and research professions in the field of General Management, Industrial Management, Organizational behavior, Managerial and Industrial Psychology etc. Both these courses offer challenging jobs in the field of Management and it depends upon the approach and attitude of the student.

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