BBA Colleges in Kolkata offers best career opportunities for students specializing in Marketing

Marketing is one of the challenging fields of the entire Business Management arena. This is also a field where one can experiment with his own ideas unlike the other fields. Marketing is a very unique discipline in the sense that it can change the personality and perception of an individual towards himself and life. BBA in Marketing is a curriculum which helps the Management students improving their organizational and administration skills. Marketing in Business organization and Management curriculum gives wide exposure to aspects of promotion and merchandising through various communication outlets. The major fields studied in a typical BBA Marketing curriculum includes-

  • Sales and distribution Management
  • Advertising, Merchandizing and Sales promotion
  • Market research
  • Consumer behavior and Marketing economics
  • International Marketing
  • Service Marketing
  • Marketing and Business statistics/ mathematics
  • Digital Marketing

Apart from all these fields, focus of a typical BBA curriculum also stresses on the aspect of corporate communication, public relations, industrial and technical marketing and marketing analytics to mention a few. Marketing is a broad concept which has both cognitive and technical aspects. This field has all kind of job opportunities starting from desk work to field based activity. Students gain experience of real life marketing skills when they come under the purview of case study based learning and industrial visits. Marketing is not only about making a product or service saleable in the market but it is also creating a strong brand image and reputation. BBA best colleges in Kolkata focuses on making students grasp the real life skills of Marketing for their application in real life cases.

What is the advantage of pursuing Marketing specialization in BBA curriculum?

If we carefully look at the job market trends of the last decade, we can see that the career options are more in Sales and Marketing than any other field. This is because Business and Management stand on the shoulders of effective merchandising and promotional activities. The boom in the Retail, Logistics and Online Marketing industry has created a plethora of job options in the Sales and Marketing industry. The major advantages of pursuing BBA with Marketing as specialization includes-

  • Marketing is a field which gives exposure to different industries. Students of Marketing get acquainted with the principles of creating a brand image of the product/ service and themselves also.
  • Marketing is a field for those who want to think out of the box. This is not a strict and tight field like Finance, Production and Operations, Human resources and Systems Management. People who love creativity, innovation, adventure and challenges get ample reward through choosing Marketing as a specialization of study. Marketing is a field where one can experiment with his own ideas according to the particular dynamics of an organization.
  • Marketing has a much wider scope as compared to many other fields of Business Management. This is a field which creates the perception of an individual about his or her status in the job market and professional career. Sales, Advertising, Integrated and Digital marketing have ample opportunities in all kinds of industries. Digital Marketing is one particular area where there are golden opportunities for students coming from all backgrounds.


BBA colleges in Kolkata through their curriculum build a strong career for students specializing in Marketing.

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