What are the scopes if you choose BBA as a career option?

Bachelors of Business Administration are a very popular course among students who want to venture in to the world of corporate management. This professional degree introduces an individual to various aspects which form an integral part of enterprise administration. Students can even choose as specialization among diverse aspects of Business and Management. There are numerous career options after doing a BBA degree. This is because, BBA is a very industry friendly degree which equips an individual to understand the techniques of using valuable resources like men, money, materials, market and methods. The world today is strongly connected through the network of technology and commerce. Business Management provides the skills to evaluate organizational and business resources through quantitative and qualitative methods. BBA course in Kolkata provides dive range of specialization to students for making a strong career in executive and corporate management.BBA course in Kolkata focuses on case based and activity based learning which makes the dynamic subject reach a new dimension.

Career options in Business Administration and Management Sciences.

Though there are numerous ways to utilize a degree of BBA in practical life, we analyst the top most way outs in this regard. The areas discussed below are in context with the recent trends occurring in this field-

  • Doing a Corporate job just after completing the BBA degree
  • Pursuing a Masters degree in Management Sciences and specializing in the areas of Business and Managerial Economics, Taxation, International trade, Finance, Marketing, Human resources, Systems management etc.
  • Sitting for a Govt. exam for administration jobs in Bank, Defense, Civil services
  • Starting up own business and becoming a corporate entrepreneur through support from government and other entrepreneur helping organizations.
  • Becoming a chartered accountant where the knowledge of business administration will help to understand clearly the intricacies of finance, auditing, taxation, accounts and financial statement analysis.
  • Learning new language which will help to charter various countries of the world professionally
  • Becoming a teacher by opening a tutorial home. The BBA pass out can teach the students of commerce and even Management in their diverse curriculum
  • Sitting for clerical and probationary officer exams of Public Financial institutions like Banks, Insurance, Financial markets and Railways to get a secured job in administrative services.
  • Working in the areas of tourism and hospital management in various administrative and operations profile
  • Can go for certifications in chartered financial analysis and investments, chartered marketing a and even in Digital Marketing, Electronic commerce and Business Analytics

Apart from all these areas, a student of BBA can also venture in the deviant fields of- Event Management, soft skill and personality development trainer, Photography, Digital film making, real estate management, retail management, infrastructure management, project management and the list is just endless. The students who chooses BBA as a career option has to very much logical and prompt in taking strong decisions in his or her career. Top BBA colleges in Kolkata creates a big platform for Business Administration students to make careers in all walks of life


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