M.Sc. in Media Science gives practical exposure to students for a bright career

Industrial visit and practical experience is essential for a student undergoing professional course such as Engineering, Management, Hospitality and even Media Sciences. Institutes offering these courses create an infrastructure so that the students get the understanding of the real working environment. The students undergoing the professional course get the skills which they apply in the organizational atmosphere. Industrial tours are an effort to bridge the gap between the theoretical learning and practical exposure. M.Sc. Media Science creates the platform for the students of Journalism and Mass communication to understand the real world practices of this exciting industry.

What is the importance of industrial visit for a Media Science student?

Media Science is one of the practical subjects in the social science domain. This field of learning requires cognitive, creative and technical skills. All these skills can be perfectly acquired only when they are learnt from a practical perspective. The major advantages of an industrial visit for a Media Science student include the following attributes.

  • The students gain first hand information on all the functioning of the Media and Journalism industry
  • Provides an opportunity to the students to plan, organize and engage in practical learning experiences regarding creative writing, media production, journalistic and public relational skills both inside and outside the classroom.
  • The industrial visit is also mandatory in all kinds of professional courses where practical exposure of industry is inculcated in the curriculum itself
  • Offering insight of the real working environment of the industry
  • Students are able to see their future place in the working world through the industry visit
  • Relation building process between the professional institute and the Industrial world
  • Companies use the tool of industry visit for building their brand awareness
  • Enhancing the interpersonal skills and communication of the candidates
  • Develops the feeling inside the students about the positives and negatives of the industrial practice
  • Industry visit broadens the horizon of the students with exposure to different workforces from different types of working atmosphere

Professional educational institutes including Media colleges are adopting industrial visits as value addition learning method for Media Management students. Practical learning is necessary for understanding of work process and organizational functions. M.Sc. in Media Science gives greater clarity about the core concepts of Media management and makes the students apply the concepts in action. Industrial visits are the best way to gain as much practical and technical knowledge on the area of interest of an individual. Challenges involved in a particular area of interest or mastering the nuances in a field of study is covered in an industrial visit. From the perspective of Media Science, the student of this field needs practical exposure for working in areas such as Public relations firms, Advertising agencies, Media and Production houses Television and Radio stations, Info tech service enabled companies etc. A solid foundation of Journalism, Mass communication and Media science can only be gained by industry visit to all such kind of industries for their fruitful application in real working world.

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