BBA course in Kolkata provides free professional courses with degree program

Business Administration programs have gained a new angle of importance in the last decade. This is because the regular degree programs in Management are also offering certain free professional courses along with it. Today the field of Business administration has grown to such an extent that Applied Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Engineering/Technology and Media Sciences has major penetrations and effects in this field. Today the scenario of learning is such that apart from having a regular degree, it is also essential to have certain added skills in a particular or variety of fields. A regular Business Administration program today is accompanied with free professional courses. These free professional course help the Management students get a competitive advantage in the job market. BBA course in Kolkata gives students the opportunity to do regular degree courses along with free professional courses. The professional courses in this regard include-

  • Digital Marketing which includes the areas of SEO, SMO, PPC, SEM, E commerce
  • Aviation services and Management which deals with ground staff and cabin crew operations of the Airlines Industry
  • Event management program which deals with the effective control and operations strategy of planning and executing any kind of event
  • Real estate management for get exposure to finance, marketing and other Business Administration aspects of Property management
  • Photography program for the Media management student who want to learn about the various departments and skills of photography
  • Personality development for building the character and image of Management student for making them triumph the obstacles of the Corporate world
  • Digital Film making for Media management and Mass communication students for making them equipped with the Digital film making technology of the new age
  • Entrepreneurship program for infusing the spirit of developing enterprise for the socio economic development of human beings


Role of professional courses with degree programs in career development

The opportunity of learning has become immense with the advent of new channels of learning. Today a student can learn from online texts, recorded lecture and specialized study materials. Educators and learners have also realized a big truth in this regard. Learning by doing is the best way to acquire correct skills and knowledge to be industry ready and employable in the market. We can cite example like for learning gardening, it is not enough to study theory of Botany. Practical methods of Gardening can only make an individual learn the real art of protecting and nurturing a garden. Learning today is not restricted to classrooms and has extended to the real world. The top management colleges through reasonable BBA course fees give students’ opportunity to pursue a free professional course along with regular degree program. The student of Business Administration and other job oriented programs learn more from real life interactions rather than bookish exposure. Skill centric course along with regular professional degree programs helps students make a strong foothold in the working world.


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