BSc. Kolkata curriculum gives clear cut idea of Media studies course admission

Completion of syllabus is not the mere criteria for a successful entrance exam preparation.  Students need to have a good understanding of the basic concepts and their application. Mugging up will increase the stress and will never give a greater understanding of the subject. There are certain tips which can be followed by a student to perform better in any sort of entrance exam. Media Science entrance exams are also one of the tough challenges for students to get into premier Media management and Mass communication institutes. This particular subject requires thinking skills, creative skills and technical skills to master the dynamic and complex world of Communication and Media. Balancing study plan should be the ultimate target for any student appearing in the Media Science entrance examination. BSc. Kolkata curriculum helps the students to understand the prerequisites of an ideal Media centric course. Media Science entrance exams in the graduate level tries to judge the following capabilities inside a student which include-

  • General knowledge which includes understanding of social dynamics, cultural and social history, legal and constitutional provisions, developmental issues  and awareness of happenings in the world
  • Linguistic and comprehension skills
  • Comprehension and analytical abilities
  • Aptitude and mental make up
  • Lateral thinking capabilities

Strategies and tips for clearing Media Science entrance exam with flying colors


Experts in the field of Media Science and Mass Communication entrance exams have thoroughly researched on issues which matter most for successful entrance clearance. The tips in this regard which are highly beneficial for students preparing for Media Science entrance exam in graduate level includes-

  • Being far away from any kind of procrastination. Students might leave topics pending and may soon have the date hanging on their heads. They should check in advance whether all the topics and subjects are sorted and understood
  • Solving thought based problems is important and giving lengthy answers will not help too much he in the entrance exams. Smart thinking and writing is beneficial in this regard. If any thought provoking problem takes too much steps or time for solution, take a deep breath and rethink about the approach
  • Students should make a conscious effort of keeping track of their speed and accuracy to solve the questionnaire
  • Mock tests and Model test papers should be practiced regularly to brush up the skills no matter how many times you have solved them previously. Every attempt of solving a model question paper makes the student realize something that he or she had missed earlier
  • Inculcating the qualities of innovation and intuition creates a great balance of solving questions which are not present in the course book. Consistent practice and sharp common sense becomes a great help while solving a questionnaire
  • Reading the questionnaire with great ease and not rushing into answers quickly holds the greatest chance of clearing the entrance exam successfully
  • Avoiding negative thoughts and trying to keep positive mind and thoughts while preparing for the entrance test
  • Revising is undoubtedly the key for keeping a sound mind
  • Clearing doubts and brushing up few pointers kept as priority earlier

Students should not bother their mind with added pressure. The day before the exam should be relaxed leaving the stress aside. Positive attitude and calm mind are the two main weapons through which students can surely crack the entrance exam successfully. The target of BSc. Kolkata curriculum is to prepare the future Media and Mass Communication professionals through proper understanding of this field.

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