BBA colleges Kolkata helps Management graduates grow their career

The world is advancing at a very rapid rate with the scintillating advances in Science and technology. Arts and Commerce is using Scientific and technical innovation to refine their operational dynamics. Many interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary fields of knowledge are coming up where curious blends of technical and humanitarian fields are mixing up to solve the challenges of society, economy, nations and the entire world. Despite all these happening in the world of knowledge and work, there still remains a question that whether the fields of commerce and specially Business degree can help students advance his career.  The answer to this basic query lies in the fact that the economy and the trade world is on an upswing and a basic degree in Business and its administration helps a candidate crack the tough job market. This is because degrees in commerce and Business administration or Management are more marketable to organizations rather than those in Sciences and Humanities. People pursuing Sciences and Humanities have specific and exclusive fields where they can venture out. Business administration and Management on the other hand is an all pervasive area whose need is felt in all streams of knowledge for their effective control, planning, supervision and strategy formulation.  The fields in this regard can be Physical and Life Sciences, Engineering and technology, Social sciences and Humanities and many more areas. As the unemployment rates are increasing in various fields of vocation and profession, a degree in Business administration is an excellent starting point for career advancement in the world of Management and Organizational supervision. BBA Colleges Kolkata helps the Management graduates to understand the mechanics of handling the most crucial resources of Human life which include men, machines, materials, methods and markets.

How a degree in Business and Organizational Management can advance the career of a BBA graduate?

BBA degree is the starting point for a great career where a student learns the classical principles of managing men, organizations and other related resources along with their behavior. MBA degree is and advanced in depth analysis of Management verticals and their applications in socio economic and Business environment. Professionals and students looking for average salary can opt for BBA  degree and those looking for large six figure salaries should seriously pursue Masters in Business administration where they get the opportunity of understanding the entire machinery of control of a commercial enterprise or an organization having several functional departments.BBA Colleges Kolkata help the Management students to get a strong  grip over the tools and techniques of running an enterprise efficiently in the fluctuation socio- political and economic environment. Branches of Business administration like Finance, Marketing, Human resources, operations, Supply chain and logistics, International Business, Systems and computer applications in management give plethora of career options to Management post graduates as well as graduates. The possible jobs for those having a degree in Business administration or Organization Management are far more and widespread than traditional graduate degrees in Commercial theory and applications, Accountancy and Finance, Sales and Marketing, Business Economics and Environment and Computer Applications in Commerce and Business. The job options for a student having a graduation degree in Business Management or BBA includes the following and are not strictly restricted to the following areas-

  • Area, Zonal and territory manager of an organization
  • Public relations and corporate communications manager
  • Marketing, Advertising, Publicity and Sales promotion manager
  • Corporate finance manager and financial planning executive
  • Hospitality, travel and tourism and service industry manager
  • Departmental store and retail manager
  • Healthcare administrator and Hospital manager
  • Training, recruitment and supervision manager and Human Resource Development or Personnel Management manager
  • Supply chain, logistics and distribution manager
  • Systems and Business information systems manager
  • Warehouse and Material manager
  • Production and Operations manage


We can understand that amidst several graduate degrees, Business Administration education or BBA degree gives widest career options to both students and professionals in varied industries.

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