Bsc Media Academy Kolkata inspires from the life of Stan lee to generate future creative genius

Media Science is a field of activity which requires strong creative acumen as well as sharp consciousness about the contemporary socio economic affairs of the world. Strong personality and attitude of opinion formation is also a necessary prerequisite to become a successful Mass Media person. A Media person can take several formats to communicate to the public and governing bodies. He can be in the fields of Creative Writing, Academic/Research Writing, Media Management, Public Relations , Advertising , News Anchoring and analysis, Editor in print and electronic forms, Publisher in electronic and print literature and even in the fields of television, radio, internet media production. Mass media schools in Kolkata focuses on making the students of mass media fully prepared in all the facets of Media science and all the other allied fields dependent on it for functioning. The journey of Stan Lee in this regard is also helpful to make the students understand the components which make a creative genius. Stan lee is an American comic book writer, editor, film executive, producer and publisher. He has also been the editor in chief of Marvel Comics. Later on he also became the executive vice president and publisher before departing from the company. He then became the Chairman Emeritus as well as the member of the editorial board of the same comic’s brand.

How to become a creative genius like Stan lee in the field of Media Science?


Genius people are nothing different than ordinary people. The difference just lies in the fact that they put the right effort and thought at the right time. Stan Lee is no exception in this regard. He collaborated with several artists like Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and co created the famous comic superheroes like Spider Man, Hulk, Doctor Strange, The fantastic four, Iron man, Daredevil, Thor, The X men and many other fictional characters. His landmark contribution in the world of comic publication was introducing a thoroughly shared universe into superhero comics’ books. In addition to that he even challenged the censorship organization of the comics industry for upgrading its policies. He even led the expansion of Marvel comics from a publishing house to a multimedia corporation. He was also awarded with several prestigious titles in his career. He was inducted into the comic book industry Will Eisner Award hall of fame and Jack Kirby hall of fame in 1994 and 1995 respectively. Mr. Lee even received a National medal of Arts in 2008. He graduated very early from high school and became an assistant in the Timely comics division of pulp magazine and comic publisher Martin Goodman Company. Mr. Lee even wrote stories on a variety of genres and got the opportunity of producing the syndicated newspaper strip. His contribution is also visible in the field of animation, live action movies, video game and application. Bsc. academy Kolkata through its Mass media curriculum focuses on creating future creative icons like Mr. Stan Lee.


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