Mass media institutes in Kolkata provide practical exposure to students for becoming successful journalists like MJ Akbar

Mass media training platforms have a great duty of building socially responsible Mass media personalities who work for the betterment of the society. The life of great journalists and media persons gives both the institutes and the student the will and example of making a mark in the mass media industry. The life of MJ Akbar is a classic example of a media person who has successfully made his mark in the ministry profile as well as a member of the council of states/ Rajya Sabha in India. He made his position in the Union council of ministers through the hands of the current Prime Minister of India. He is the minister of state for External affairs. Apart from this identity, he is also a veteran journalist and author of several books of social relevance. Initially he was an elected member of parliament from 1989 to 91. Then he returned to public life in March 2014. At this particular moment and joined the second largest party of India- Bharatiya Janta Party and was appointed as the national spokesperson during the general elections of 2014. In 2015 July, he was elected to Rajya Sabha from Jharkhand. He has a fascinating history in the field of Journalism. He launched as editor India’s first weekly political news magazine Sunday and two regular newspapers The Telegraph and  The Asian Age. He has also been in the post of editor in chief and editorial director for The Sunday Guardian and India Today. He has also remained associated with leading media houses and periodicals in India like India today, Headlines today, The Telegraph, The Asian age and Deccan Chronicle. Media College Kolkata trains its students in both theoretical and practical aspect of learning the tools and dynamics of the ever widening Media industry. The focus in this regard is on both the creative and technical sides.

What can a student of Media and Journalism learn from the inspirational journey of MJ Akbar?


A student of Mass media can learn the passion of MJ Akbar which made him excel in the field of print journalism as well as later in politics. His urge to correct the oddities of the society also made him an eminent author. Because of his editorial experience with several reputed news publishing houses, he got the idea of the obstacles   and challenges faced by the society. He even understood the loopholes of the governing bodies in giving common public their needs and a high level of living standard. He has written several nonfiction books in the areas of- Jawaharlal Nehru- biography, Kashmir issue, Riots in India, History of Jihad. He has also authored fiction- Blood brothers and travelogue like Pen will travel- observation of a globetrotter. He has also done a unique writing work where he has compiled write ups of bylines picked up from his several writings. His book Tinderbox- The past and future of Pakistan very well discusses the themes of identity crisis and class struggle in the dominion of Pakistan. His vast experience in creative writing, journalism and even diplomacy has helped him to make a mark in the Indian journalism and mass communication scenario. He has sharpened his experienced as a media person from reputed media and journalism houses such as The Times of India, The Illustrated weekly of India, the free press journal, Ananda bazar Patrika , International herald tribune and through national policy planning with support of Human resource development ministry of Govt. of India  in key areas of education in IndiaMass media institutes in Kolkata sharpen the analytical and human skills of a Media student and make him ready to face the challenges of the socio economic environment.


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