B Schools in Kolkata offer students industry centric courses for placing them on sound professional ground realities

With the advent of Science and Technology, the job market and education system is changing drastically. Conventional careers like Commerce, Social sciences, Humanities, Engineering, Medicine, Public Administration, Law, Computer applications and Information Technology, Chartered and Cost / Management Accountancy are not able to meet the demands of the Industry as well as of the present youth generation. A new array of career options like-

Hospitality and Travel-Tourism Management


Real Estate Finance and Administration

Event Management

Digital Marketing

Creative writing in Print and Online Media

Healthcare and Hospital Management

Business policy and Strategic Management

Retail Management

Graphic and Web designing, Multimedia and Animation

Digital film making


Project management and Entrepreneurship

Leadership and Personality Development

are becoming the order of the day. BBA colleges in Kolkata under WBUT fully understand the essentiality of Industry knowledge in all kinds of professional programs. All professional courses and in specific Bachelors of Business Administration program require strong Industry centric knowledge to make a mark in the highly competitive corporate world. Business and Economic environment of today looks out for candidates who have a good mixture of both hard and soft skills. The hard skills are quantitative skills which include knowledge in analysis of numerical data. Soft skills on the hand include skills of Human resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Leadership and entrepreneurship skills etc. Apart from these areas a student of Business administration also needs to know about the fundamentals of using common sense and technology in managing a Business or Organization.

Why practical learning is essential for students graduating in Business Administration?

Practical learning is essential for a Business Management student because he has to control and supervise an enterprise where several resources are involved. These resources include men, material, market, money and methods. All this are very practical resources which need industry centric training for gaining expertise. B schools in Kolkata are focused on making the students learn the practical aspects of managing a Business and Organization and overall their own personality and career. Management is the most practical field of learning where an individual gets ample opportunity to reorient themselves in terms of character, personality and the overall orientation of the mind. Practical learning is also essential because the entire array of Management practices is based on certain case studies pertaining to both service and manufacturing sectors. In both these sectors of functional economy, one needs to grasp the skills of planning, controlling, coordination, supervision, scheduling and execution. Managerial dynamics involves inferential method of decision making where one needs to have practical exposure in applied aspects of Commerce, Trade, Industry and most importantly the overall Economy. The interface of Public systems and technology is also essential for a Management student to understand. This is because today no category of Business and Organizational Machinery can run without proper support from the Public systems and the Technical infrastructure. Apart from all these factors, the technique of effective communication and combating the challenges of work machinery in a Business, Office and Organization is an art which can be learnt only through Industry centric education.

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