B.Sc colleges in kolkata committed to create social activists and global peace preachers like Praful Bidwai

Journalism and Media is a field which requires a special knowledge in the current socio economic and political affairs. Apart from learning writing and effective communication skills, one needs to gain expertise in social science for challenging those issues through effective news and information presentation.  With the advent of new forms of Media, the competition and the challenge to become a successful Mass Media personality is also becoming tougher. bsc colleges in Kolkata is striving hard for making the students earn their niche in this complex industry. The life of Mr. Praful Bidwai is a matter of inspiration for all Mass Media students of future. Praful Bidwai was an Indian Journalist, political analyst and activist. He was known for his left wing based analysis of Indian Polity and Economy. He died two years back in 2015 and his friends and Trans national institute created The Praful Bidwai Memorial award for honoring courageous and independent voices in Journalism. Apart from being a strong journalist, he was also a brilliant political analyst and commentator. He is a social science researcher and an activist on issues of peace, global justice, human rights and environmental protection.

Courage and independent thinking needed in the Mass media students of today

He died at his work place only when food choked into his throat in the Amsterdam conference. His journalistic career extends for four decades. His initial work in the field of journalism was a column for the famous periodical Economic and Political Weekly. He then worked for newspapers and popular magazines like Business India, Financial express and The Times of India. He even became the sub editor of the Times newspaper group. He was also a columnist whose articles were published in Hindustan Times, Frontline, Rediff.com . His articles also got international exposure through the global newspapers like The Guardian, The Nation, Manifesto and le Monde Diplomatique. Mr. Praful was a well known face of the left intellectual tradition in Indian Media. Analysis of the gradual erosion of the left wing of politics in India was the subject of his study and research. He had also taken part in varied left leaning regional movements for a long course of time. He had been a professional fellow at the center of social development and also a senior fellow at the Nehru Memorial museum and library.  He had also served as an active member of the Indian council of Social Science research, The Central advisory board on education and the National book trust. Mr . Bidwai has also been a veteran peace activist with all sorts of anti imperialist moorings. He also greatly helped in founding the Movement in India for Nuclear disarmament. The biggest turningpoint in his life came when he wrote a treatise on the issue of disarmament named New Nukes- India, Pakistan and Global Nuclear disarmament with Achin Vanaik another eminent peace activist and specialist in Global disarmament issues. Mr. Bidwai along with Mr. Vanaik was awarded the prestigious Sean Mcbride International Peace Prize by the International Peace bureau for their outstanding work in opposing nuclear weapon development platforms in the highly strategic region of South Asia in the world. The student of Media studies through best mass communication colleges in Kolkata  can learn about the inspirational life of Mr. Bidwai and try to become a messenger of peace going beyond the conventional domains of Journalism, Political analysis and Social activism.


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