Mass communication colleges in Kolkata is committed to create students who are watchdogs of society

Media Science is the extended form of all activities which are concerned with communication through various channels. Journalism, Mass Communication, Advertising, Public relations, Media Management, Graphic designing, Multimedia and Animation, Creative writing for Media Production Houses are all areas through which communication can be done. With the advent of Computers and Digital Technology, the field of Media science has also include the areas of Online Marketing, Content Writing  and Web Designing into its genre. A student of Mass media has both creative and technical expertise to make communication effective in the society. The inspirational life of Media personalities also prove the fact that they didn’t only restrict themselves to their profession only but also ventured in social work and civil rights movement. The journey of Javed Anand as a journalist and social activist is phenomenal in this regard. Mr. Anand is a famous Indian journalist and civil rights activist who is also a Mass media entrepreneur. He founded the Mumbai based Sabrang Communication in 1983 which is now more than 30 years old. He even co edits the monthly Communism combat with his wife Teesta Setalvad. Sabrang Communciation is an NGO whose main purpose is to combat communalism and social communication. This organization publishes the monthly Communication Combat and also operates a secular education program KHOJ in schools of Mumbai. The Khoj program tries to help children to get past the identity labels. mass communication colleges in Kolkata helps a student to acquire the character of leadership, entrepreneurship and development to build a bright career in either working for some group or starting an entrepreneurial venture.

How can a Mass Media student contribute to the overall development of society like Javed Anand?


Javed  Anand was born into a very conservative Muslim family. Irrespective of that fact, he attained educational and creative excellence. He received an Engineering degree in Metallurgical engineering from Indian institute of Technology. Mr. Anand started his career in a social action group Rapid Economic Development of India. After that he became a writer for The Daily, A Mumbai based tabloid newspaper. After the historic Bombay riots of 1992- 93 and demolition of Babri Mosque, Mr. Javed Anand left the job with the main stream newspaper and launched a magazine Communalism Combat. This magazine is dedicated for fighting against the divisive forces which leads to the riots. He started Sabarang Communications and Publishing Pvt. ltd. for generating revenue to sustain the magazine. Sabarang Group has published various widely discussed reports which deal with the current issues of the society. Javed Anand was also a founding member of citizens for peace and justice. He was a participant in the first national meeting of Muslims for Secular democracy and was even chosen as the General Secretary of the group. Despite several legal issues faced by him in his journey as a journalist and social activist, he has never bowed his head in front of any kind of social impedance and atrocities. The courage to say the right thing and work for the betterment of the society has always been the goal of this multifaceted Media personality. The student of Media and Journalism can learn the attributes of courage, honesty and dedication to fight the varied obstacles of society from him.  bsc Kolkata is a platform where students can learn the skills of eradicating the problems of the society through their creative and communication skills.


About Samrat:


An editor for various publications and a faculty of Media Science at iLEAD, Samrat after a decade of dating and impressing the world of media can often be seen on Sundays at various Kolkata cafes with a guitar, diary and microphone. Literature, jazz music and thunderstorms helps him write poetry, reports and movie scripts which gets him compliments, published articles and awards from various countries at his doorstep when he least expects them. He has a fetish to emcee, teach and sometimes sing on stage and also completed courses in Photography and French (DELF A1) with distinction. Fitness, fashion, education and academics lures him although he can be a glutton for Bengali and Italian food, a talkative movie buff and financial philosopher during weekends.



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