Mass Communication colleges in Kolkata inculcates societal values to Media students to create personalities like Biju Govind

Journalism is an integral part of the entire Media Science field. It takes lot of courage and social values to become a news person and create a positive impact in the society. In the present context the role of a journalist is basically a bridge between the common man and the government of a state. The journalist has to be the spokesperson of the public and raise issues which are affecting the life of the common public. Apart from creative writing skills and a sense of responsibility towards the challenges and developmental issues of the society is necessary to be a perfect journalist of the common man and the society. The students of Media are taught from the very first day of the curriculum both creative and human skills to become a complete man of news. The histories of people shining in this field also give them the inspiration to be like that only. One such personality in the field of Indian journalism is Mr. Biju Govind who is an institution and inspiration for all those who want to make a mark in the field of Indian journalism. bsc colleges in Kolkata helps the students of Journalism and Mass communication to understand the real spirit of becoming a journalist who has a responsibility of not only reporting and writing news but to analyze it from all perspectives for the betterment of the society.

What journalistic traits can be learnt by the students of Media from the life of Mr. Gopalkrishnan?

Biju Govind is a special correspondent for one of the oldest and famous newspapers of India which is Hindu. He is a prolific writer who has written over 10000 reports on various topics. He is based in Kerala and works from there only. Mr. Govind first worked for the United News of India where he covered sensational news on a Tibetan woman seeking the release of her son arrested by the Chinese people. He joined Indian express in Thiruvanthapuram and thereafter he joined The New Indian Express.Mr govind later moved on the newspaper group Hindu. He currently covers news on politics, organized  development issues, infrastructure and realty. He is best known in Indian Journalism for his reports on Marad riots which occurred between the Hindu and Muslim communities in Kozhikode. Mr Govind also covered the massacre of the nine fisherman at the sea side village in Kozhikode. Muthunga agitation of the Waynad tribes against the government was also coved by this iconic man of Indian journalism. Mr Govind was  also one of the first correspondents who reported on the infiltration of the Maoists in the tri junction of Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Kerala. He has also reported news on Indian Mujahideen in Kerala and about the Islamists modules which recruited Muslim youths for Islamic state fighters in Syria.

 Mass Communication colleges in Kolkata are commited to create Journalist and Mass Communication professionals like Mr Govind who helps the society and the government to come out of its vices for a better future.

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