mass communication colleges in kolkata teach industry centric creativity and communication skills to create stalwarts like Gour Kishore Ghosh

Media studies encompass a very broad area of communication and creative endeavor.  Journalism, mass communication, film and television studies, print and publishing industry, photography, multimedia, graphics all constitute the field of Mass Media. Mass communication courses in Kolkata focus on training students essential skills of communication through varied platforms of information exchange and distribution. The inspirational life of the iconic Bengali writer and journalist Gour Kishore Ghosh is truly an inspiration for all students who want to shine in the world of Media and Journalism. Mr. Ghosh was born in Jessor district of Bangladesh. He finished his schooling from Nabadwip and completed his intermediate examination in Science group. Due to extreme financial crisis in his family, he had to leave education and settle down as a professional very quickly in his life. He continuously changed his profession for 12 years that is from 1941 to 1953. The work he did in this long period included- private tutor, electrician and fitter, sailor, waiter at restaurants, school teacher and many more diverse roles. Finally he joined a famous Bengali newspaper of those times Satyayuga where his unique style of writing on various social issues fetched him the post of the editor of the feature section of the newspaper. This was the turning point in his career where he settled in a profession of  Reporter/Journalist for this reputed newspaper publishing house.

What can a student of Media science learn and apply from the life of Mr Gour Kishore Ghosh?


If we carefully look at the carreer of Mr. Ghosh, we can see that he made it big in the world of creative writing and journalism from a very poor condition. As the Newspaper industry came to understand the writing power of Mr Ghosh, they gave him the opportunity to write in other major periodicals and newspapers. Mr.Ghosh wrote for the famous literary periodical in Bengali- Desh and the iconic heart of Bengali newspaper fraternity- Anandabazar Patrika. He even became the Senior editor of this mega Newpaper and periodical publishing group. He very well portrayed the agony of the Bengalis during the Naxalite movement from 1969  to 1971. He often write under the pseudo name Rupadarshi. His involvement with the world of  journalism was in a high level during the period of emergency. He shaved his head and wrote a symbolic letter to his son over the bereavement of his freedom to write on major social issues. This letter was published in a Bengali monthly- Kolkata and it led to his arrest along with the other iconic journalist Barun Sengupta. He even ventured into the world of fiction writing and wrote some pieces where he illuminated the underlying dilemma of West Bengal due to religious and political differences. Ghosh was also an entrepreneur and he started a Bengali newspaper AAJKAAL which is still a name to reckon in the world of Bengali newspaper industry. He started this news publishing house with a few of his journalist associates in early 80s. Brojoda was his famous literary character which showed his merit in the literary world and a noble addition in the dada literature of Bengal. This Dada literature of Bengal comprised iconic characters like Feluda, Ghanada and Tenida. His satirical columns and writings on interaction between Hindu and Muslim societies made him famous amidst the readers and in the newspaper industry.

The students of journalism, Mass communication and Media sciences can learn from his life and journey as a pioneer of modern journalistic writings. His interesting life is taught in extensive details as a case study by the premier mass communication colleges in kolkata. Students can inculcate his vision of becoming a journalist and then a writer to become like him for the betterment of society and culture of our nation.


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