M.sc colleges in Kolkata creates platform for creating outstanding journalists like Shoma Chaudhary

Media is a challenging and glamorous industry where you need creative  and leadership skills to excel. As technology has advanced, the skill of using technology for communication is also equally necessary. Inspirational stories of Media personalities prove the fact that a perfect mixture of creativity and technicality produces an effective Media professional. Mass Communication colleges  in Kolkata cater the students with a practical curriculum where the students come to know about the famous Media personalities and their journey to the peak of success. The life history of the multifaceted media personality Shoma Chaudhary is worth mentioning in this regard. She played varied roles in the media and the mass communication industry. She is a journalist as well a famous editor and political commentator. Her specialty lies in her strong nuance towards social issues and counter narrative stands on national issues. She was the managing editor and one of the founders of the famous investigative news magazine Tehelka. She was even the founder and the editor in chief of a digital news platform- Catch News and co founder of Think – a cutting edge forum on leadership.  Currently she is the director and co founder of Algebra- the arts and ideas club which is a unique space for critical conversations.

The rise of Shoma Chaudhary in the world of Indian Media and Journalism


Ms. Soma Chaudhary was always a good student in her school days and she completed her honors graduation and masters in English literature. Before entering  the world of print journalism, she was employed at Doordarshan where she directed more than 40 weekly television shows on books and writers. Her career in the field of journalism began as a book editor in the Pioneer newspaper and later she shifted to the India Today group and then the famous news magazine Outlook. The turning point in her journalistic career happened when she joined as director of special projects and feature editor at Tehelka- an iconic investigative news magazine where stories captured through sting operations came in print form in the periodical. This concept was very new in the Indian news media industry at that time. She even went on to occupy the position of  Managing editor of this brave journalistic venture. After resigning from this lucrative post she didn’t  put an end to her career but added new milestones to her journalistic life. She became a literary critic and even engaged herself in public debate through literary and intellectual platforms. Media college Kolkata infuses the spirit of continued excellence like Ms. Chaudhary to the students who are pursuing Media and Mass communication . She was also a panelist in world summit where she discussed on issue of outcry in India. She has received several awards for her outstanding contribution in the field of Journalism, Mass communication and the overall Media and communication fraternity. M.sc colleges in Kolkata is playing a great role through their curriculum to shape Media barons like Ms. Chaudhary. The spirit in a Media student to excel through creative and communication skills come from the lessons taught by this great lady of Indian journalism.  The students of Media learn through her life the way of analyzing news, views and issues which matter to the society and need reformation.

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