Rewarding career and economic prosperity through MSc. Media Kolkata curriculum

Media Science is a rewarding field which offers both prospects in terms of career as well as economic prosperity. MSc. Media Science curriculum helps a student to get best returns from this field after doing the course.  The masters degree in Media Science is basically an advanced degree in the field of Mass Media, Journalism and Mass communication.  This particular curriculum prepares a student to get jobs easily in any kind of industry where communication management and transmission is essential. Mass media colleges in Kolkata help to shape the career of the students through providing them good profile jobs where salary is quite handsome. Media science is undoubtedly an expensive course where every student wants to get a good job after completing the course. Advance Media Science students can land in several jobs which include Journalism, Public Relations, Emerging Media, Marketing, Advertising and Promotion. The salary for these professionals ranges widely enough and falls in between the range of 46000 US dollar to 140000 US dollar.

Essential information and career options in Media Science which makes the course worth spending


Amidst wide range of career choices for a Mass Media students, the top four areas which makes a Media Science course worth spending includes the areas of  Journalism, Public Relations specialist, Marketing executive  and  Advertising sales agent. The projected job growth and mean salary in all these areas can be summarized as follows-

Projected job growth–  8 % in Journalism, 6% in Public relations, 9% in Marketing executive and 5% in Advertising sales agent.

Mean salary–  46, 650$ for reporters and correspondents, 65,830$ for public relations specialists, 140,660$ for Marketing managers and 61,690$ for Advertising sales agents.

Post graduates in Media Science have a wide range of easy career options in Journalism which include the areas of news reporting, copy editing, public relations, marketing and even advertising.  The salary structure varies greatly depending on the industry and there is a definite chance of its reaching six figure in top level Management positions. Great communicators always make a great employee. The skill of communication, public relations and Journalism opens plethora of options in front of the Media Science postgraduates both in terms of salary and job profile. The mid career pay of communication majors in varied managerial profiles proves the merit of spending in a Media Science course for a student. The areas and their mid career pay in this regard are as follows-

  • Chief marketing officer- 187000$
  • Vice president Communications-159000$
  • Vice president Marketing-152000$
  • Vice president Accounts Management-14400$
  • Vice president Marketing and Business development-143000$
  • Group account director-1420004$
  • Director of strategy-140000$
  • Online marketing director-118000$
  • Social media director- 118000$
  • Vice president Public relations-116000$
  • Executive producer-115000$
  • Director of communications and Digital strategy-109000$
  • Global marketing manager-109000$
  • Account director-108000$
  • Marketing consultant-108000$

There are several avenues through which a Media Science student can easily get a good salaried job in the Journalism and Mass communication Industry. MSc Media Kolkata curriculum helps greatly in making a solid career in the Mass Media and Entertainment fraternity.


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