Concrete industry experience makes MSc. Media Kolkata degree job friendly for students

Media Studies is a field which encompasses both theoretical and practical aspects of learning. A student needs a concrete experience of the media and entertainment industry to explore the varied facets of media and communication. Mass media institutes in Kolkata focus on making the students get hand on experience in varied fields of Journalism and Mass Communication. Academic and Industry seminars including projects  backed by intensive classroom teaching sessions helps the students to communicate in an effective manner.  Activity clubs like ad club, radio club, debate club and drama- film clubs instill confidence among students and encourage their skill development for getting a good career in future. Social projects are also done with NGOs for cultivation of corporate social responsibility programs. Theatre performances are executed for creative communication dynamics and personality enhancement.  Industry experience while studying MSc. in Media Science is also needed in the areas of

  • News Anchoring
  • News Reporting
  • News Editing
  • Film Criticism
  • Internet and Digital marketing
  • Content Writing- Print media , Electronic Media and Internet Media
  • Feature Writing- Newspapers and Periodicals
  • Image Consultancy
  • Photography
  • SEO writing and Technical writing
  • Copy writing- Advertising and marketing
  • Academic and assignment writing
  • Media planning and buying strategy
  • Animator, Designer, Illustrator and Artist for all forms of media platforms
  • Cartoonist
  • Cinematographer, Vision Mixer, Sound Engineer and Editor
  • Media researcher for all sorts of media


What kind of industrial experience is actually required to get benefit out of Media Education?


The industrial experience needed in any MSc. Media Kolkata curriculum can be divided into four distinct parts according to the nature and scope of this field in the communication and information dissemination industry. The areas which are mentioned here constitute the main body of Media Studies which need to be taught to the students in a practical way and not just in a theoretical manner. The branches of Media Studies in this regard are-

  • Media principles and research design
  • Cultural, political, legal and ethical topics in Media Studies
  • Digital video design and production
  • Media systems management including Newspaper, Electronic Media and the Web
  • Advertising, Branding and Sales promotion
  • Television broadcasting and production
  • Radio program broadcasting and production
  • Film Studies- Film making and conceptualization
  • Internet merchandising- Digital marketing and Search engine optimization
  • Creative and media centric writing
  • Media content planning
  • Public relations management in media and entertainment industry
  • Media production
  • Art direction

All the fields mentioned above require in depth practical experience in terms of technical and creative skills. A quality media management institute provides its students with the right kind of practical exposure to all these fields. This in turn helps to create a professional who is well versed in all the current facets of the Media and Entertainment Industry.




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