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Management is one of those complex social sciences where there is a curious mixture of cognitive and technical sciences. Inner realization of self and the ability to analyze and getting along with tough situations makes this field really challenging. Subir Chowdhury is a notable example of a person who has excelled in the art of understanding management dynamics through his books on quality management and industrial management.  Apart from being a prolific author on management disciplines, he is also an eminent management consultant. His journey as a successful management person is of inspiration for any candidate willing to make a mark in the business administration world. Quality B schools in Kolkata focus on teaching management principles in such a manner which creates leaders like Mr. Subir Chowdhury.  If we see the academic career of this famous personality, we can understand the depth he has in the field technical and engineering management.  He received his undergraduate degree in aeronautical engineering from IIT Kharagpur and graduated in Industrial management from Central Michigan University.  He has even received the distinguished alumnus award from that same university.  He has been a citizen of Michigan from 2004.  Currently he is the chairman and chief executive officer of ASI consulting group LLC.

Extraordinary journey in the world of managerial writing and consulting


Mr. Chowdhuri started his professional career in the profile of quality and systems engineer in General Motors Delphi division in 1993.  From 1998 to 2003 he even worked as an executive vice president of the American suppliers institute. The first writing venture from his part was with Ken Zimmer in a book titled QS- 9000 Pioneers. This book was an initiative to demonstrate how the corporations revitalize their manufacturing practices with the standard quality management practices.  The top BBA colleges in Kolkata focus on making students make it big in the management world learning from the inspiring life of such iconic people.  He even co authored a book on robust engineering with the famous developer of robust engineering theory- Dr Genichi Taguchi and Shin Taguchi.  This particular book created a storm in the quality management and industrial management world. A theory of management science was developed through which producers can bring products to market at a faster rate with low cost yet maintaining the quality standards. He even collaborated with management thinkers like Peter Senge, CK Prahlad, James Kouzes, Barry Z Posner , Sumantra Ghoshal, Christopher A Bartlett and Rosabeth Moss Kanter to develop a book on organizational development and leadership. The power of  six sigma was also a book written by him when six sigma quality movement was in its height of popularity.  In 2002, he completed his work on organization 21C which created strategic solutions for meeting management and leadership challenges. He even wrote two more books on the six sigma series. In 2003, he formed the ASI Consulting group and became its chairman and chief executive officer. Finally in 2017 he published his 15th book named The difference- When good is not enough.

The life of such a management personality is truly an inspiration for all budding professionals who want to make it big in the consulting and writing world pertaining to management.


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