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There was a time when conventional careers like engineering, medicine, law, normal degree courses, law, public sector job were higher among the youth. Today the scenario has changed completely and the youth is moving towards multidisciplinary careers which have a blend of performing arts as well as technology. Bachelors of mass communication courses Kolkata equips the students with the real composition of media which has both technical and creative sides. This attitude has increased the inclination of students towards career in event management, media, business management, film studies, journalism and mass communication, online marketing and writing and even working as a professional writer for publishing houses and other creative platforms. Media science is one of those fields where there is a correct combination of technical and creative skills. The wide variety of subjects in this domain creates both a scientific and artistic outlook about dissemination and analysis of issues and information for the benefit and growth of the society. Mass media colleges in Kolkata tries its best to make the students pursuing the course of media science in degree level, the comprehensive outlook towards what is the actual of motive of media in the society.

Why is the scope of a media student getting placed in the job market is much easier than other conventional areas?

Unlike conventional careers in engineering and medical sciences where the job prospects are limited to a certain specific area or sector, the same is not so for a career in media science and allied areas. A media science graduate has a much bigger job market unlike his counterparts. This is because a media science graduate has option of working with all kind of functional sectors starting from technical industries to even creative industries. A media science graduate can start his career both as a professional writer, critic or even as a technical assistant in a production or media house.  Bachelor of mass communication courses Kolkata helps to get a media graduate more jobs than the one who is a plain or honors graduate in science, arts and even commerce.  The film industry, television industry, radio industry and even the publishing industry  has a lot of career options in terms of giving them both creative and technical jobs. This automatically widens up the horizon of career options for a person. There is also a special advantage of this particular stream of knowledge where according to your interest you can place yourself in any kind of industry. Every  industry and organization has  its own media and mass communication platforms which needs people from media science. Regarding salary, the field of media science gives much more pay package than any other industry. This is because the boom in the media, entertainment and marketing communication industry has seen a tremendous growth in the last decade.

Mass media colleges in Kolkata try to teach the interesting field of mass comm., media and journalism in such a way to students which makes them confident from both theoretical and practical grounds.   Today the scenario is such that students from even streams of science, commerce are also entering the field of media science to explore and broaden their career which is not at all possible by becoming just an engineer, doctor or chartered accountant. The perfect blend of scientific principles, artistic activities and commercial manifestations makes media science degree course ideal for a class 12 pass out to get a job immediately.  Bachelor  of  mass communication courses Kolkata helps any 12 class pass out irrespective of his stream to make a strong mark in the job market where he can use all type of skills inside him. These skills include both cognitive and technical skills along with intelligent creativity.


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