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Media is undoubtedly an exciting and challenging field to work in. This is one of those areas of knowledge where you need a right balance of performing arts as well as the acumen of understanding the problems and challenges of the socio economic framework. BSC media academy Kolkata creates the right platform of learning the tricks of winning the battle of the media world.  Inspirational stories of  iconic personalities of Indian media and journalistic fraternity. He started his career  from an academic platform of prestigious The New Indian express which is a famous Chennai based newspaper in India.  He was even earlier the editor in chief of the same newspaper group. He was also associated with the profile of editor of language publications of the India today news magazine.

 Learning Attributes of being a great  media icon from real life experience

Mr. Chawla is undoubtedly one of those journalists of  India  whose journalistic endeavor  had lead to the fall  of a government in  New Delhi.  He even did a scoop news on the controversial Jain commission report on the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. BSC media academy Kolkata is targeted towards making media professionals get the best media education to shine like Mr. Prabhu Chawla. This very endeavor from his part  led the congress party to withdraw support from the United democratic front government  which consequently led to the fall of the Inder kumar Gujral regime in 1997. He gained popularity even from the show Seedhi Baat on Aaj Tak  where he gave mega celebrities the tough challenge of facing his tricky questions. After leaving this popular show, he even got the opportunity of hosting  a show teekhi baat on IBN 7  which also was a top rated show in the category of new based program. Mass media courses in Kolkata focuses on making the budding media professionals learn from the inspirational stories of iconic media personalities. Presently  he is associated with the hosting of show sachchi baat on National voice, Sidhhi gal on PTC news and is also currently editorial director of the New Indian express group.

Comprehensive training on  industry centric practices of media world makes BSC media academy Kolkata the very best amidst other competitors in the market.  MR. Prabhu Chawla has also been awarded with several awards which itself prove his immense contribution in media, society and journalism. The awards include –

  • Punjabi icon award
  • Lifetime achievement award-5th IMWA awards 2016
  • Indian television academy awards
  • Padma bhushan by the Honorable president of

Iconic personalities of media world truly inspire all sorts of budding media professionals in the premium media colleges to make it big in the media world. BSC media academy Kolkata is a comprehensive platform. Reporting and analysis of news are some of the attributes which makes the students of media science understand the importance of dissemination of information in the right manner. This creative a affirmative impact in the society and even in an individuals life.


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Author bio- Professional writer, compiler and translator for major English publishing houses in management, commerce, humanities, social sciences, technology, general sciences and miscellaneous subjects. Faculty, content writer and developer of major tutorial homes and info tech enabled platforms in technology, management, commerce, social sciences, humanities, general sciences and professional studies. Chandigarh kala Kendra classical music-vocal degree holder. Stood first in professional English communication and writing from British Institute. Occasional singer and performer of modern and film songs in Bengali and Hindi. All India youth mock parliament and Ramcharitmanas recitation winner. Alumni of Bhavans institute of management science and contributor in publications of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan society.


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