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Media science is a responsible profession which has a serious role in the society. It is perhaps one of those professions where you can really take the initiative of finding out solutions of people and society at large. Media college in Kolkata builds the foundation for budding media professionals so that they can disseminate information through varied channels of communication. This very information will help the varied strata of society in making their problem heard by the authorities of the society for solving them. With an unprecedented growth in the world of communication, television sets, news channels, radio stations and mass communications and even the internet is growing at a stupendous rate. This field is therefore visualizing an unmatched growth and along with it the career options are also increasing at the same rate. Contemporary media is diverse in form and ownership. Mass media institutes in Kolkata make it sure for the students that they are fully compliant with the latest technologies of media world. The rise of newer venues of media has opened the possibilities of a career as a radio jockey or disk jockey. A bachelor degree in media science opens up plethora of careers in journalism, public relations and advertising. A solid command over the language is crucial for making a successful mark in this profession.

Fascinating job prospects after a bachelors degree in media science

The mass media institutes in Kolkata are fully utilizing the boom in the media industry to place its students in the top grade media institutions both in print and electronic medium. The students undergoing this course can work in varied industries such as public relations, television, films, publishing, journalism, editing and direction. The qualities which are needed to gain an extra mileage in this field undoubtedly include strong people centric skills and a love for communication.  This kind of job profile requires the budding professional to be skillful, creative and energetic. The job roles which are generally offered to a mass communication graduate include the following and are not restricted to the following areas-

  • Sound engineer
  • Film director
  • Public relations officer
  • Sound mixer and director
  • Special correspondent
  • TV correspondent
  • Producer
  • Radio jockey
  • Screen writer
  • Art director
  • Editor
  • Event manager
  • Video jockey
  • Fashion photography cartoonist
  • Illustrator
  • Critic
  • Photojournalist

The completion of graduation in media science also helps a budding media professional to work in all the major platforms of mass communication. Media colleges in Kolkalta are fully equipped in providing training to their students in all the major departments of mass communication and media and placing them with top recruiters and areas such as

  • All India radio
  • Circulation and public relation department
  • Central information services
  • Legal affairs department
  • Journals
  • News agencies
  • Press information bureau
  • Photography companies
  • TV Channels
  • Radio telecasting companies
  • Website periodicals and magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Advertising agencies
  • Books and novels
  • Blogs
  • Broadcasting corporations

Mass media institutes in Kolkata gives a comprehensive idea of the media world through practical interaction with the people working in the media industry either from film or any other media genre.

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